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Steve Rother ~ Re-minders from Home ~ Espavo - The group

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings, dear ones.
It is such a joy to be with you, to see you in a new way for all of you have stepped into a new energy. Every…single…person on planet Earth has moved to the new level. We are so proud to watch you because we are all part of you. You think of us as separate, you think of us as higher, as different, as better in many ways.  Dear ones, when you come Home, you will realize who you are. You will re-member the nature of why you came to Earth in the first place. Please understand that you chose to wear this veil; you wanted to play this game of hide and seek. You are god hiding from himself, searching for herself. And you have been very successful at it. So please understand that there is no wrong here. You have set things into motion in the most beautiful ways and now you will start to reap these benefits.

Letting Your Channel Come Through – The Keeper’s Story
We wish to bring this to your attention today because there are so many new pieces that are now available to humans. We tell you that many of these pieces were hidden in your past; many showed up in your science fiction and in movies of creative writers who thought that they were making something up when in fact, they were channeling the future. They were channeling energy that we were sending to many of them, for that is the nature of what the Keeper calls channeling. He focuses in such a way that he channels the group. He can bring us as a collective vibration from Home, which is very magical. Now, each of you has a similar ability. You may not all express it in the same way, you may not all be able to tap into it or to be as confident in it as the Keeper has learned to finally be. We use the word finally here because it took some time for us to work with him. You should have seen the first channel. That was fun for us.

In the beginning, he used to channel on a keyboard. This was very simple and very easy for him because he could read the channel over to check whether everything was there before he hit the enter key. At that point, it was too late to take anything back, which is why he was very hesitant and it took a while for us to really gain that confidence with him. It was not because he did not trust us, he did not trust himself. Because trusting yourself is a key element, we gave him a hand. We had a young lady invite him to come to a certain part of the world, and he did. He showed up and they did this seminar together and then she said, “Okay. You are going to channel now.” He said, “No. I was not planning on it.” She said, “I told everyone you were going to channel, so I think you should try to channel.” So he replied, “Okay. Where is my keyboard?” And he sat down and started to bring through the very first message of a live process like he is doing now. We have to tell you, dear ones, it took everything we could do on this side of the veil to get through that dense energy. What was the dense energy? It was very simple. He did not trust himself. We do not think it was bad, we do not think he was wrong in doing so. He simply was there. And that is probably the most important part about the new energy—there is no right or wrong—not in the way that you have so carefully used these words so far. Now there is no black and white, there never was. There is only shades of gray- all blends- and that is where the magic is especially in this new energy. So, the Keeper started to bring through this energy; he opened his mouth and knew the first words because we had given them to him many times. He said, “Greetings from Home,” in the way we love to say it. With that, a resonance went out in the room and from that point forward, most people only heard every other word because the tears started. That first channel was very difficult for him because of the fact that he was so overwhelmed, his circuitry was literally being stretched to carry the new energy, to carry the energy of the heart. Now, all of you have learned to do this in some way and are doing it already.  In the near future however, you will find new ways of distributing your channel. That is the beautiful part and that is what we wish to share with you today since we are not on a time restriction. Is that not wonderful?

The First, Second and Third Wave of Empowerment
A Short Journey through the History of Planet Earth
Elrah, the Time Keeper, eM, Merlia, and many of the others who we have not even spoken of yet were here on this side of the veil, but we are very attached to you. We are part of you the same way that you are a part of each other, which cannot see since you are so determined to complete this game of pretending to be separate. Now, you have entered the Third Wave of Empowerment. The First Wave was about following the leader. You learned that if you followed the leader you could get more done, you could be in a collective. The next step was to learn how to follow yourself, which was The Second Wave of Empowerment. And you did. You learned how to put your boundaries up in order to define your energy and to prevent you from being overly influenced by everyone else’s energy. You had to learn certain attributes of trust; you had to learn to speak your truth even in the face of adversity And you did. You stretched and all of humanity has now moved to a new level. That is magical and that is the beginning of the Third Wave.

The Third Wave of Empowerment, dear ones, is Harmony. Although this sounds really simple and easy, nothing could be further from the truth. You have now learned to live on planet Earth and find your essence so that you would know where your path was and you could create a reality. Now, dear ones, it is all about blending, which most humans are not accustomed to. Most humans do not quite know what to do with that. Deep inside, you all know that you are a part of each other; deep inside you are like the fingers on your hand. They appear to be separate but they are all part of the same energy, the same connection with the same intent and the same spiritual purpose. Each of you has come to Earth with a very sacred ray of light unlike any others that you have agreed to carry for the specific reason of bringing it to Earth. Why is this necessary if you are playing a game? Can’t you just go down and play the game? That is what happened for eons of time, dear ones, but you have changed the game in a new way.

The Days of Lemuria and Atlantis
We tell you that you have been here on Earth much longer than your sciences will tell you. Most of your sciences believed that 65 million years ago, there was an asteroid that hit the Earth and put a lot of dust into the air and wiped out 70% of all life forms on planet Earth including your dinosaurs. We tell you that was the conclusion of one phase of life. You have been here many times before. Your own ideas of Atlantis and Lemuria come from real memories that go further back than you can imagine. There was a time when you were very far advanced spiritually. You had two different continents: Atlantis and Lemuria—Mu. In truth, your spiritual level of advancement in the days of Mu, Lemuria, was huge. You opened the door and had the capability of crossing over to the other side while you were still in the body. You were at a level that you have not even attained completely today.

The Six Parental Races
You have surpassed the days of Atlantis however, which is magical because even your technologies have evolved with you.  You think of technologies as separate from you, but they are not. They are only a reflection of your own vibration—all of it.  In truth, technologies have been dropped by your own parental races.  Throughout the universe there are six parental races that came to planet Earth to congeal and start this wave of life: the physical bodies that you are in now. You have had other physical bodies before. We will not describe that to you as it will be very difficult to make sense of that. However, you can go back even further to the time when Earth first began—because Earth is in a timeline. She is basically part of the finite process and although your physical bodies that you carry are also finite, you are infinite in nature. You are perfect and you have no beginning and no end. Like all energy, it never dies. It only transforms from one form to the next. That is magical. So here you are in the Third Wave of Empowerment trying to figure out why things do not work the same way they did in the First and Second Waves. Well, let us go back a little further.

In the very beginning, Earth was a hot, gaseous ball, molten magma floating in space, not even perfectly round. She was trying to find that spin that would bring her together perfectly, which happened, but she needed intercedence, she needed nurturing. That is when you showed up. This was the first time that you were on Earth, because the truth is that you helped in her creation. We have called you god before although we know that you have a resistance to that. We know that you do not like to hear that you are god because it seems to undermine many of your other belief systems. Well, we tell you that could not be farther from the truth. God is never separate from you. That is the beautiful part. If you understand that you are all part of each other, you are a part of us. You are a part of everything that exists. When you leave the physical body, your spirit returns Home and becomes part of everything again. It blends back together. On Earth, you have gone through the First Wave and Second Wave of Empowerment and now you are working on harmony. When you first came to Earth - when she was a floating ball of hot magma - you were also very much in harmony with each other because you did not have physical bodies. You had bodies that today you call lightbody. You literally had bodies of light. You had very little density; however you had to have some density in order to visit Earth for she was finite.  Although you are infinite in nature, it was important that you took on a little imperfection in order to be in the same realm. Is that not beautiful? When you understand what is truly happening - when you come Home - you, like us, will be absolutely amazed that planet Earth and all of humanity have reached this level of vibration. It is more than exciting, dear ones. It is an opportunity waiting to be grounded in more ways than you will ever know. Now let us give you some of the new tools. Let us share with you some of the possibilities that have only been introduced so far in your science fiction works.

Lightbody Attributes
One of the key elements, dear ones, is that you have never lost the attributes that you held when you had lightbodies, when you had that lack of density and could just be. In fact, this is what you are trying to return to. Even though you carry bodies of density it is not possible for you to completely stop and be. Your physical body will literally check out while you are waiting for the next breath. So, you do this balancing act and you try to find as much grounding of the energy as you can. You are even doing better than you can imagine, but you have also had help. Oh, we know what you think. You think of the outer space beings—the little men with the diamond eyes that look like your rodents and different things. Dear ones that is only a part of it. When you finally understand how you are a part of all of that, you will lose the fear. You will connect in a new way and you will start being able to return to the attributes you held in lightbody even though you hold a physical, dense body. Can you imagine what it is like to hold a thought in your head and have it manifest right in front of you that quickly? Can you imagine what it is like to think of a person and have them show up in front of you in that instant? Can you imagine what it is like to travel forward in time to plant seeds for yourself so that you can walk into them on the timeline? All of these are common attributes of your lightbodies.  Only, there is much, much more to come for you will start dimensionality. You will begin to understand what that truly means to you and how you can tap into the other dimensions of time and space.

Adjusting to this New Density
The next level of that which we wish to share with you today is this beautiful multidimensional reunion of you. All of you have this capability now in front of you.  As you step forward, you will see the energy start to clear and you will be able to ground in a new way. Many of you have been in survival. Many of you have had to do with the economies of the world that- about 7 years ago - you saw taking a crash from which you have never recovered completely. The reason you have never completely recovered, dear ones, is the simple fact that you have moved out of that density. You have brought all your systems with you into the new density. Therefore you must try to adjust them and bring them into this level. This is not easy because what you had was a lower vibrational system that you are now trying to work in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. This is why many of you have had resets of energy. Some of that showed up in your world as a lack of money or a lack of any form of abundance. In reality, you have access to it all at every moment. When we can finally share with you what this is truly like and who you really are, you will rejoice in a way since you have not left Home and that is the magic of what is ahead.

The Multidimensional Reunion
Now let us talk about the multidimensional reunion for just a moment because that is a magical piece which we will be bringing to you as an experience. Please know this: you are multiple beings of which you see yourself. If you look in a mirror you have a reverse reflection, do you not? It is opposite of what you would expect because it is actually reflecting the rays exactly instead of interpreting them and spitting them back out. Most of you think you have parts of your hair on the opposite side than you really do, because you are used to seeing yourself in a mirror. So what is that reflection? This reflection cannot capture your spirit completely. You have to severely look at it in order to get any energy off of it because everything is reversed; everything is a literal translation but you are not. You are spirit and your magic goes much deeper than can be reflected with a 3 dimensional piece and that is exactly what that is so the new mirrors are being formed. No, they will not be used to comb your hair and to brush your teeth, etc. They will be used to see you in a new way with all of your dimensions together as one. This is a true dimensional reunion in a very beautiful way.

Multidimensionality – A Base 12 Universe
Now, what about the dimensions? Why are they there? What was this about? Well, we have spoken of this before but we will briefly recap so that those of you who have not heard it can understand. You are perfect beings, dear ones. You are complete in all ways. When you look at yourself and you look at your experience of life, you may argue that with us. You may say, “No, I have all kinds of flaws, all kinds of problems, all kinds of imperfections.” Yes, as we have said before, even in a channel—you are the perfect imperfection of god. Why do need to be imperfect? Why do you spend all of your life trying to perfect yourself? Because you know deep inside that this is truly who you are. You know that you are not the person that you see in the mirror. That is only the literal reflection of your physical being. Even if you look very closely, it is very difficult for you to see your energy because that you can actually see with your eyes closed. And that is coming. You are entering a time when many of these attributes will return to you. Now what about this imperfection? Let us describe multidimensionality to you as close as we can to give you an idea that will fit not only into your world of reality, but also into your brains. So know that this is as close as we can come to describing multidimensionality to you at this moment. As you evolve, your understanding evolves and we will evolve the descriptions that we give you. Right now, the easiest way to understand it is that you are perfect at Home and imperfect on planet Earth for Earth is a place of imperfection. Also, on planet Earth you are in the timeline while you have no time at Home. Watches do not exist at Home. What would you be watching anyway? The truth is, you have freedom from this and you can move in more ways than you thought. However, in order for you to come and have an experience on Earth, you must divide your perfection. Therefore, you came in with twelve rays or twelve separations. Why twelve?  This is an illustration we use at this point of your understanding, but understand that the rest of the universe is on base 12. Most of planet Earth is on a base 10. That is how you learn to count, that is how you learn to do everything, but most of the rest of the universe works on a base 12 system. It is a natural system whereas a base 10 actually is not. Oh, you think it is easy because you learned it that way but once you learn something else, you will see how much further it reaches into your world.

Dividing and Reuniting Your Perfection over Eleven different “Yous”
So, when you decided to come to Earth, you said, “I cannot have all my perfection here that I have at Home so when I go to Earth, I am going to have twelve experiences at once.” In fact, you have eleven experiences at once. What happens to that twelfth piece? That twelfth piece holds your energy. The twelfth piece fills the gap between Home and Earth and all of your eleven experiences. That twelfth dimension is what you call your higher self. That is your expression. Now does that mean that we are talking about the dimensions that you live in with reality? No, dear ones, we are talking about your personal expression, about dividing up your imperfection so that you could have an experience within a timeline on planet Earth. That is the essence of what you have set into motion and are living every day. So does that mean there is actually eleven other yous walking around? Is it possible to meet them? Is it possible to have greetings with them? It is not possible physically, dear ones. There is a magnetism that keeps the dimensional levels quite separate. It is necessary to facilitate your entire game; it is necessary to make the possibility of the gameboard in the way that it plays out the best. There are also new things taking place because you have moved through the 12-21 portal and stepped into the new world. You now have the capabilities of coming back together with the other yous. That is magic because what happens here, dear ones, is that you had to divide up your perfection. If you look at your life right now and I ask you to list five things that you are really, really, good at, you could probably do that fairly well. If I was to ask you to list five things that you are really terrible at, you could probably do that, too. Being really good or really terrible at something is neither right nor wrong. It does not mean that you have to perfect these things and bring them over to the other side; it is simply part of your beautiful imperfection. That is very difficult to understand, is it not? Well, we will guarantee you that one of your eleven yous has the pieces that you listed and thought were missing, . In fact, the energy of the things that you think you are bad at over here, you get to carry to its fullest in another dimension,.

Now what would it be like if you were able to reunite and bring these different dimensions back together and have a multidimensional reunion within your spirit? That is happening and it is working through a direct connection to your higher self. That one key element that not only connects to the other eleven yous, but also keeps you connected to Home all the time. Oh yes. It is your beautiful higher self that actually holds a fragment of every part of the perfection of all eleven dimensions of time and space that you experience as a human.

Take a breath, dear ones. Now take another. And when we blow out this breath, we are going to release those thoughts of our imperfection and start embracing some of that new perspective.

Can you feel that it not only went from your head but it hit your heart as well? That is the magic. That is the connection that you can walk in all the time…every moment of every day. You have a direct connection to your higher self and you have always had it. Very few of you have known what to do with it; very few have learned to trust it. That is what the Keeper had to do the first time we started to channel through him. That is why it excited so much of his physical body that it brought him to tears and it did not stop until 30 minutes after the channel. He was incredibly embarrassed. Here he was, a big, manly man—at least he thought so at that time — sitting down in front of all these wonderful people and all these people he was trying to impress and he started to channel us. He could not get much out at that time. He simply was not able to breathe because we overloaded his system with a direct connection to his higher self. Over time, he cleared the energetic pathways, he cleared his own belief systems that were blocking him and he was able to channel and bring it through. Each and every one of you is capable of this for you are from Home as well. You are from the same family of light. That is the beautiful part and when you get Home, you will celebrate that family in all kinds of new ways—in ways that you have forgotten. That will bring you Home again.

A Multidimensional Reunion – Movement of the Spirit
What is needed for this? What is next? Your lives have changed so drastically on planet Earth, that every time you turn on your television set you see discord and new things happening. You see things falling apart that seemed to be on the edge for some time but managed to work and all of a sudden, everything starts to collapse. What is taking place? You are having a multidimensional reunion. That is what is happening. The doors are opening. Now you live on the planet of free choice. You have set those rules in place very clearly and it has accomplished more than we could ever do in the other millions of game boards—you are still looking for one, but there are millions and billions of other life forms out there. It is difficult for us to even put those other life forms into words that you can understand because words put limits on it. The moment we say million, billion, it puts a limit on it for us and there is no limit, there is an infinite number. We know infinity is not a concept that humans can even hold in their brains for more than half a second because it does not fit. It does not describe your experiences on Earth but it absolutely describes your experiences when you come Home. All of time is gone. Time is a gameboard on which to have an experience and the Keeper of Time has come in with very specific ideas that all of you can start grasping, especially around circular time, to understand how it works and how you can use it in new ways. But all of you are stepping into it and that is magical.

Dear ones, if you could hear the constant stream of applause and cheers that happen on our side of the veil over the events that are taking place on Earth. Earlier today you had one of your teachers talking about discord on planet Earth and how she was concerned about what was going on in a certain area. We too are concerned but we would be more concerned if there was no movement. Do you understand that? Do you understand that all movement, whether you call it forward or backward, whether you call it good or bad, whether you call it up or down makes no difference. It is movement of the spirit and all of it will end up as advancement even if it seems to take a step in the other direction. So celebrate it, dear ones.

A New Spiritual Grounding of Your Channel
Now, what can you use to bring about your own channel? How can you open it? First of all you must understand a little bit about that channeling process. We did not make this up. We experienced it as we have come in, and now that you have moved through the portal, all of you have open channels. Most of you had open channels before you moved through the portal. Now all of you do and all of you are open more than ever before. The capabilities are much deeper than you have ever had. That is magical and that is what is taking place now. So there is a new form of grounding on Earth. You have always used your physical body to ground in. How do you ground? You ground by drinking and eating things, by hugging each other and through sex. You ground in a lot of ways that all involve your physical being. Now there is a new spiritual grounding which is a direct connection to your own higher self. And as we mentioned, you have all had it; and most of you have learned to not trust it in the lower vibrations before passing through the portal. You’ve learned to think it through, you’ve learned to put your brain in motion and many times ignore your heart. All of that is changing. Every part of humanity is now learning to think with its heart instead of the brain. Does that mean that you are going to shut off the brain and live from the heart alone? That will not quite work yet on Earth but eventually it will. You are not there yet—not from the collective standpoint. So do not worry about it and do not judge it. Simply stretch into that connection.

Now, how have you been channeling before if you are not aware of it? You do not go around giving seminars or doing live channels so you think you are not channeling. Have you ever had an idea, dear ones? Have you ever had an inspiration? You say, “Yes, I play music all the time and I am constantly writing new songs and it just comes to me.” That is a channel, dear ones. Or you may be the artist that paints a beautiful painting and thinks that you just made it up. Your channel is a shared energy that you can tap into and that you feel comfortable expressing s. Now, even if you are uncomfortable with the word channeling, tapping into your higher self is the move of the day on planet Earth; and that is where you have this multidimensional reunion.

Crystal Children and Spectrum Disorder
Is it going to lead to your advancement? It already has but many of you do not know how to ground it in your daily lives and that is why there is so much turmoil. That is why there is so much pressure on Earth. We tell you a lot about this because the Crystal Children have been here, quietly planting seeds and working in different ways, as have the Indigos and the Rainbow Children and all the other names that you have come up with. But it was especially those we call the Crystal Children, those who come in with such an incredible sensitivity has and have been misdiagnosed as to what you call spectrum disorder. Dear ones, these are advanced beings coming in with the new capabilities of carrying your spirit into the new physical bodies, into the light body experience and yet you still do not understand it. You will find challenges, you will even find medical explanations of some of this because you are looking for it because that is what happens when god looks for something—they get an answer. So use this in any way you want but understand that many of these children that come in with this very difficult challenge have given a great sacrifice to all of the rest of you here on planet Earth. Although you may not have a key element to be able to help in that area or you may not have a child that you can honor in that way, know that when you speak of this on Earth, it includes many more beings than you know. You currently have figures of how many new beings are coming in with this disorder, but we tell you that you have less than a 50th of what is out there. There are many beings that are carrying it. Hopefully, at a certain time, you will be able to come in with these higher attributes and use them because the moment you start anchoring these new energies, they no longer cause the discord that you call a disease or disorder. So look for the gifts. Find a way to find the gifts. Help these beautiful, fluid beings ground on Earth. They need more structure than other beings. They need more effort at pretending to be the human because they have more of an open channel to their own higher selves. Know that they are having more of a challenge pretending to be human. They are also bringing in an incredible gift. Not every Crystal Child has what you call spectrum disorder. There are many on the planet who do not have it but that is the reason that you have seen such a dramatic rise in this particular disorder on Earth.

Mastering Your Channel
Let us return to this beautiful multidimensional reunion that is happening with every single being on planet Earth. It can certainly be confusing. Suddenly you may find yourself tapping into one of the other attributes that you have. It has happened to the Keeper. He grew up with pianos in his house and he never once played them. They bought a piano recently, sat right down and tapped right into it. It took very little effort for him to start working with this to be able to translate this channel through a piano instead of through his mouth. Elrah stepped in right behind him because Elrah is very close to the Keeper and basically brought his music in, in a new way through the Keeper. Now does it mean he is an accomplished musician now that he plays the piano…? No, it does not. He still has to do his work here on Earth but that is the kind of inspiration that all of you can do. Several of his friends are very frustrated because some of them have taken piano lessons for years and cannot play with the fluidity that he can suddenly bring through. It is because he has mastered his channel. That is only one of the ways this can come through. There are many ways in which all of you can open this up.  Where before you had to build up to and learn to get to this level of vibration to where you could be comfortable, you can now jump right to it because of the multidimensional reunion. That is the magic. That is the beauty what is taking place on planet Earth right now. Here we go. Are you ready?
Celebrate Your Imperfections

Now what of the imperfections? You have been trying to perfect yourself since the moment you were born and gained consciousness; and especially since puberty for that is when the spirit fully enters the human body. It takes that long to get a spirit completely into a physical body. Many years from your terms. That, too, will start changing. You will start to see new evolutions and new children being born that are bringing in the beauty. All of them will be imperfect in some way—just like you for you are on the planet of free choice playing a game of pretending to be separate. Play it well, dear ones. Enjoy every moment of it and when you find those imperfections, instead of doubting yourself or challenging yourself or putting yourself down because you are imperfect, celebrate your perfect imperfections. Celebrate the beauty of who you are. That will bring heaven to Earth faster than you can imagine. It has already begun. It has happened so fast that most of you feel a little displaced in this new energy. Do not feel like you have to run and catch up to everything. Let it come to you. We will share with you many of the ways to naturally bring it in, to naturally become the person where you can just be and let it come to your door. We will begin this in many of the courses that we are starting to teach as they are on the higher attributes of the new energies of the new planet Earth which you have so beautifully created.

Dear ones, take these steps with joy. Dance your way Home and enjoy this ride. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.

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