onsdag 21. mai 2014

Image Source - May 15, 2014 - Beloved Ones

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as integrity. This quality requires an individual to always follow the high road in their inner promptings and in their interactions with others. This quality calls for complete reliability and the following through on commitments made to oneself and to others. It is a knowing and the doing of the right thing at the right time, following the promptings of spirit within them. It is the quality of being true to oneself, one’s basic perspectives and beliefs in the moral standards that one has set for one’s self.  By adhering to these standards in every thought, word and deed, one always maintains their individual integrity. The temptations to veer from these standards are manifold and when one steadfastly remains true to them, one remains in integrity.

As one goes about their daily life, one is always challenged to maintain this quality of love within them. The entertainment media of this world presents many stories that encourage humanity to follow the lower and much longer path, back to oneness with their divine essence. This path, basically, is a detour away from the central core of one’s being where the connection to the truth of one’s divinity resides. Many people are seduced by the outer trappings of illusory appearances and find themselves experiencing situations that keep their faith in a higher power at odds with their current experiences. And so, they experience duality and polarity in situations that would have remained simple and clear had they followed their initial inner promptings. It behooves each individual to remain true to their own higher essence and divinity, their individual integrity, for in truth, no one else can do it for them.

This quality of love is present in the individual who always walks their path in this world following their own heart. This quite often sets them apart and in opposition with other individuals who have succumbed to the ego gratifications that are rampant during these times and in order to justify their actions and behaviour, they allow their ego to remain in control and set up elements of dishonesty and distrust in their interactions with others in their environment. This puts pressure on the one who remains true to their divine essence with this quality and brings about the requirement for them to keep their beliefs and faith intact by coming to the understanding that in order to continue upon their path of spirit, they must avoid these ones as much as possible. They find themselves seemingly alone and unseen in the manifest world they live in and these are the ones who experience great joy when they discover the world of spirit through meeting others of like mind or by direct contact with the world of spirit.

The world of spirit is a sublime one, one that is filled with the recognition and appreciation of beauty, goodness, inspiration and upliftment, of seeing the world of nature in all its magnificent splendour and diversity and absorbing like qualities within oneself. In identifying with that which uplifts and inspires, one rises to greater enhancement, expansion and enjoyment of their individual life and the experience of it. There is an inner recognition that within one’s self at their inner core, the very same quality of integrity and magnificence is waiting for acknowledgment and acceptance from them. When each individual nurtures these sublime qualities within their own soul, the experience of the power and majesty of a life well lived begins to take effect. Those who find their way back to their own divinity and oneness with the Creator of all life, walk a blessed and protected path in all that they do and experience whilst embodying this quality of love.

When every soul honours the spiritual integrity within themselves and in all others, the spirit of cooperativeness, peace, harmony and right action creates an atmosphere of trust between all individuals and as this experience expands on a collective level, what is created is a world based on the powerful action of love. Love has a way of balancing and making right all the detours that have been taken throughout humanity’s evolvement and development into a higher civilization which adheres to the principles of universal law. When each individual walks each day with integrity honouring the same quality in others, the world they live on will reflect a higher order of right action and right conduct as each individual is then in alignment with the divine within them.

I leave you now to ponder on this quality within you.

I AM Archangel Gabriel


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