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Nancy Tate - Main Home Page NY - May 12, 2014

The Collective,

It is time for us to bring you some news about what is taking place in the universe at this time of your ascension process. We are The Collective, and we bring you unexpected news on your level and totally expected on ours. We are telling you that there is a convergence of energies that is taking it’s position in the Milky Way Galaxy and it is in line with what was planned for this point of your deliverance of completion to the rest of the universe. There is no longer any possibility of the destruction of the planet that you are utilizing for this purpose of multiple uses of the energies of the Mushaba Force. It is now a complete readiness that has been set in place and it will be in progress in a different way than it has been.

What this means to all of you on earth is that all of the parts of the societal aspects that have been created and set in place for the opening of the new gate to freedom will come into the reality of all on earth. It is time for the pieces of the puzzle to make themselves known, and to begin to wipe the slate clean of all programmed thinking. There will be a process by which there will be an outstanding line of openings by which the parts of the governmental, financial, pharmaceutical and educational and other ways of living on earth will all take a different position. That will free up the ideas that have been set in place for all of the time on the planet since the days of the onset of programming, through the ways of taking action, have become out of sync with the harmony that was once in place.

You see, the harmony had to be in place after the experience that was created in the Maldek time-warp. This was in order for all of you to have a multi-perspective, beyond the original expression of freedom, and self-empowerment that was part of the energy of this universe. Along with the love and the oneness that is the original ability of this universe, was the destined experience that you all have created along the way. It is time now to take the next step to gain back the original harmonic energy that is still in place. It is awaiting your recognition and allowance to be what you live in the Love that it represents.

What will be taking place in these new times is the reclamation of that harmony in all that you do. It will be a process that will gain more power every time it is expressed. In that way the exponential way that it grows will have been unseen in the duality experience that you have been having. It will propel you all in a way that is not only foreign to some, but welcome feeling in a way that you will not be able to resist or deny. It will be as if you have all embraced each other, in a way that you cannot deny represents your love for one another. You will find that as you go through these next steps that will bring back the totality of who you are, that you will recognize more and more what to do to bring it all into a harmonic energy that embraces the whole universe in its glory.

We tell you all this at this time, for it is a matter of enough of you asking for the guidance that will give you the impetus to keep on moving forward in a clearer understanding of what you are doing and being guided to move with. You will be experiencing what you at first may consider to be guidance from above, and then you will realize that it is your own inner guidance that you are tapping into more than you ever have. In this evolvement process you have created for yourselves your ablity to return to the fullness of who you were when you lost your way and traveled through the lowered veil that is no longer in place.

We say to you now, welcome home. It is certainly an interesting journey that you have taken. We all rejoice that you are at this point of return and beyond. We see that there is only one thing that moves you now, and that is Love. To some of you it may not seem that way, for there is still some automatic energy that is being displayed in various ways. However, we see that behind that energy that so many are displaying that seems to be of the duality, it is also being changed into the new way that will be expressed in the short time that it will take, when you consider how long it has taken to get to this stage of the game.

Worry not dear ones, for it is a done deal, as so many would say. The old energy is no more, and the new energy is in celebration of success with, and because of, all of you and the decisions you have made on a level that is now more powerful than the conscious level. You have chosen to come back to yourselves in a way that represents the newness that you have brought to yourselves to re-establish your power and the ultimate expression of Love. Enjoy the journey, as we are, and know that it is a wondrous slide up into the rainbow of Love and expression that you are creating for all of eternity.

Thank you dear Collective,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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