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KRYON - Greetings dear one, I am Kryon of the magnetic service.

Kryon kommer som regel med nyttig informasjon akkurat når behovet er der!  

Greetings dear one, I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service. 

Again I know where I am, and honor that which is here.The name of the place is the temple of wisdom. So what we wish to do in this small amount of time, is to bring you the kinds of wisdom, that you have been asking for. And every single old soul in this new energy, is starting to ask about. And the subject title, (and humans wants to title everything), would be body communication (cell communication).

And even before we begin, I will tell you that this is specifically about body communication, of you to your cellular structure and not the other way around. That`s for another channel.

There is two kinds of communication, - it`s not one way. And we are going to speak of you and your body. Before we even begin it`s necessary, dear human being , to review the blocks that gets in the way, of you understanding what is to come. You only have one reality. The reality that you share as a human being and you share it even with my partner is that you live in a linear world. You experience things in certain ways, and you are used to the way that humanism works. Human psychology, all of the things that you do, your emotions, your actions, the reason behind things, accomplishments, punishments- all of those things, go into your perception of the way things work. It`s not an indignant of your intelligence. When I say that then you naturally project this to everything else around you. And whether it´s God or whether it`s simply perception of reality in a multidimensional state - you bring forth only what you know. And that`s a bias.

There are certain ways in humanism that you would accomplish things through hard work and repetition and you then apply them to everything. There are certain ways that you work in humanism. Your relationships to other humans, the give and take that you have. And you apply it therefor to everything else. We have told you before that some of your organized religions have taken this to the absolute max - and they have a dysfunctional God, one that can be angry and judgmental, and all the other things that humans have. And before we begin the discussion we say to you - that you got to drop that. In the discussion we may remind you of some traditional ways - and then balance it with the truth. You know - it´s beautiful. The premiss of this channeling - is that you are able to speak to your cellular structure as we have been saying for years, and it isn`t hard. As you got to get around the human biases, and it isn`t hard. 

Let´s start the discussion - and we have to - with what I will call the preamble - of that which is necessary - in order to accomplish what we are going to talk about today. We have to define, as best we can - consciousness. Human consciousness.

This would not be the definition that you would read in your academia. This is the things that we see. Human consciousness is divided into several parts - we are going to talk about just two.  

The first one - it is that soup of  reaction or behavior which is driven by two parts of the human body - and the first one is the synaptic brain, that is to say - the storehouse of experience. And the second is the multidimensional part - that you believe is responsible of creativity - intuition - and God. It is a mixture of those two - trough free choose of the human being. It´s the balance of those two, which create a human being, that indeed appears to others - to be in control of their own life and satisfied with themselves. When this is out of balance - either way - you get dysfunction. 

When a human being has a consciousness that is only in the synaptic brain, there is no credibility of God in them - there is no ability for them to have truly creative thought, and they are so pleased to go only with what they know. And it serves them well. 

It is dysfunctional to us,because there is the God-part that is always there. It is always available. And would give them so much of the increased awareness and light. But in free choose- that is what they do. 

There is the other one, and you have seen it - dysfunctional new agers. I would call them floaters. They are so wrapped up in that which is esoteric, that they have no clue about life. And the synaptic brain does not have a chance. Logic and common sense are thrown out, and the only thing that remains is what we would call "make believe" and "woo-woo". You have seen them. You know what? That is acceptable for them. 

But that is human consciousness - a balance between that which is synapse and survival, and that which is the part of God that you carry around. Now, where are you?

That is how we must begin this channel. If you are listening today to this - whether you are human in the chair,or you are later - a human in the chair, hearing this trough transcription, reading it, - the chances are, you are aware of the divine part of you. Now that the divine part of you, is the allusive part - the mysterious part. But it´s that part that´s real. As real as the synaptic brain. And here is what I am going to say:  This is linked. Linked so strongly to your ability to talk to your body. 

If you are an intellectual, and you are only trusting that, which is synaptical in your brain; you should stop now, and go no further.  Because you will not have any success with what I am about to tell you. 

Isn´t it interesting that these are linked so strongly. You have to be aware of the divine inside, because that is the pathway. That is going to talk right to that which we have called innate. We have given you information years ago, that there would come a day on this planet, when the health of individuals might very well be measured in a far different way than it is today. That those with a higher consciousness would obviously be living longer, and there would be no medical measurement that would give the reasons why. We told you that consciousness may eventually drive the very attribute of human balance in a cellular way, and a chemical way. And that the other things that you now are centered on, which are of course diet, exercise - will take a backseat to consciousness. And if we told you that what are you then going to bring as the conclusion; and that is, that things are changing for the human being.

The very attributes that keep you alive - are going to start changing for the human being. Greater awareness by the way - of the three dimensional attributes of what your body needs, is going to bring you greater health. But that alone is not going help you talk to your cellular structure. So if you have come this far, and if you are on board, as they say, and you can say honestly I believe that there is a divine part of me, - then we can continue. And the rest of this information will be given with the premiss - that you have that. Those who are spiritual minded have come to that point many times. Those who are spiritual minded know about the cellular structure of their body because it has a spiritual complement and component, a benevolence, and they are ready to go.  

But what they do next is often interesting. 
Historically the human bias kicks in, and even those who would call themselves enlighten and new age, will start what I would call linear process of repetition and nonsense. Things that they have decided are needed - to talk to their cellular structure. Why would you want to talk to your cellular structure? And it should be obvious. What is the paradigm that you grew up with? Historically; here it is: That you - as an enlighten creature - live in your head. That everything that happens to you - is in your head. The greatest poetry ever written, the greatest music ever composed, the greatest paintings, started in your head. And that the rest of your body,- is the vehicle that supports your head. And your head, once in a while, will look down on your body and say: I sure hope this thing works. And that is traditional. And then it´s enhanced by every thing you see around you with those catching diseases or things that happened. And than the fear starts. The fear, will create the hypochondria who is afraid of everything, who believes they are gonna catch everything, and by the way, they usually do. (laughing).

That is the human body trying to agree with what it hears from the head. By the way, and that will give you a hint of what it´s coming. That is the traditional thought - that you don´t have any control. Now you have come to this place where you know better and you are sitting and you are listening to this and you are ready to go. And in the past the new age has just been filled with processes. That is supposed to then - have you been able to talk to your cells - they are not talking back from your cells, but you - to your cells. And they are filled with the following thing. Repetition, over and over, processes that human being thinks would be attributes that the cells would like; you have to go to a certain place - in a certain temperature, be in a certain energy, face a certain direction, you might have to do it several times, if you can do that - you can get your body ready to listen - there will be a small window of opportunity and you can give a message. That is the human bias. 

Dear ones, it is time to demystify this. This is not accurate, this is not the way of it. It makes an assumption that the body is stupid. It does not know anything about anything, it is completely and totally as separated and debauch form your consciousness from anything that you are doing and is clueless. 

I want to tell you the truth. Scientifically this is going to be proven and it is not going to be so far away. The cells of your body, especially what you would call innate - all have something in common and we are going to give it a name for the first time. Ever. It is going to be called C-A-L. And here is what it stand for: Cells Are Listening. Cells Are Listening. This is how you are built. The divine complement in you. It´s built into every cell of your body. The cells are a collection of what has been created by the DNA, to the blueprint that is in there, every cell exists - with one attribute, and it hangs out so clearly on it self;- it´s waiting for instructions. And the only instructions that we will hear, are the ones given to the divine complement of human consciousness. Directly with pure intent - to it. Did you hear that? 

Let´s talk about that communication for a moment. It´s like every single cell had a telephone, it was ready to be answered - if you knew the number. If you could dial the number, you could talk to all of them at once. They would all pick up the phone. An it would be you. That´s built in. And it does not respond to linearity. The communications with the cells of the body is a multidimensional communication, but your human consciousness is also. It´s part of the DNA-field, it´s part of the merkabah of your body. I will tell you, what an intuitive can do: it can look at your soul literarily, through the merkabah field, and tell you whether or not you have activated any part of spiritual intent, or whether you are just playing the role. What is pure intent?

 Lets talk about it in your way; I am going to use it again: when you fall in love with someone, and you look at him in his eyes, two lovers looking at another, there is nothing like it. Do you feel God in that? Do you remember? You are not even aware of it. Do you realize that this is why being in love is so amazing. Because God is there. Do you realize that this is not synaptic, you do understand that do you not? In fact the brain is really frustrated that you are in love. It saying - you are to eat better. But you say: -Yeah, but I am in love. Why are you putting your shoes in the freezer? - Because I am in love. I forgot. That´s what it is. When you look at someone and say: I love you - that´s pure intent when you are in love. And you do, and you pore out your heart to the other, and the other to you. And you are entangle as One.

There is nothing like it. Now I want you to turn that around. Inward. There is a divine part of you, that is in love with you. Waiting for you to say; I love you. And you will know if you mean it. If you are not in love with a person, but they want to hear it and you say; I love you. It is not the same. And you know, it´s not the same. And never will be. The magic is not there. The connection isn´t there, the entanglement is not there. It´s just words. And so, if you practice this about what we are saying today in that form, it´s not pure. And you do not have the right phone number for the cells of your body. But when you fall in love with yourself, honoring the body to such a degree that you realize, it´s part of God´s creation of you. Without it there would be no enlightenment without consciousness nothing. It has to operate where it wants to. It wants to. And here is the opportunity;

Years ago, you saw the Gurus of India. They could control the things that are  supposed to be automatic in the body, and they had control, they could slow their heartbeats down, they cold make respiration extremely slow, they could take control of certain kinds of things within their body, that nobody thought they could. They were talking to a part of their body that was listening and adjusting. They knew how to do it. And so do you. So knowing this, what is next? Now we have given you two premises: number one; in touch with the divine part of you, creates a pathway for you then to call your cells. C-A L. Cells Are Listening. They are born with you, listening to what you want. They are waiting for human consciousness to give them instructions. We will do that in a minute. Now, how do you do it?

Now that you know they are waiting, how is it possible?- what would you say? 

There are still those who think they understand the process. That are awaken their light workers that may even be new age, and they got it covered. They got a process for it. And here is what you do, you have to talk out laud to your cells you are going to tell them exactly what you want, and here is so many times that you got to do it, and you should do it every day. 

Does that seem right to you? (laughing) To some it does. And if it does, I want you to recognize what you are doing. You are applying a linear human attribute to a multidimensional beautiful system that is beyond anything that you can imagine. That is what you are calling your innate. And it does not respond to repetition. 

Lets talk about innate some more. You are ready to talk to a system that has not heard from you before. Not really.  Not like this. There is a new energy, light worker, on this planet. Old souls, listen to me. Your toolset is being enhanced. That is why you are listening to this. You can do this. I would not be giving you something you cannot do. You get in touch with your cells, and I want to tell you, they are going to react. I will give you that information in just a moment. I want you to look at this as ... linearity ...

Lets look at your best friend. Every one of you. You would have a best friend. Perhaps it´s your partner in life, perhaps it´s not. Somebody that you can just sit with and talk to. And there are no parameters, there are no rules, you can say anything you want to, you can pore your heart out to them and they would listen. They can do the same with you, and that´s a best friend. 

I want to ask you something. Lets say you have this best friend, and you are going to be with them for three days, and you do this, day one. You get up the next morning and sit at the table, you are having a meal or something, and you give them all the same information again. How do you thinks that´s going to work?(laughter from the audience.) 

That does not work with your cells either. Do you understand what I am saying? your cells are you. What would you say- to you? Your cells are listening. C - A - L.
You are ready for this. They are ready for this. They have been listening since you were born. Waiting for the time when you would awaken. To this possibility. That you could actually speak to them. 

So lets do it. What would be something you would say? And how would you approach this? First of all, I want to tell you, they understand your language. (laughing). They are a part of you. You will talk to them any way you want to. Out laud. Through though. Through writing. It does not matter. Because you have their number. And the key - is love. You have got to love your cellular structure enough , that you can say - I love you. And it knows you do. It can´t be simpler. And yet - it can´t be harder. And you sit for a moment - what would you say? what will happen?

When the body starts to listen to you, there are some processes that it goes through. Let me tell you what they are, and then I will give you an example of communication. And then we would be done. I want you to know some things; When you start talking to your cellular structure and you got the number right, the first thing that is going to happen - is massive amounts of chills. You are going to know you got through dear one. You´re going to know you got through. And these are your cells of your body - celebrating. Celebrating. The innate, the smart body, what ever you want to to call it - is part of you - they are having a party. DID YOU HEAR THAT? We got communication. It sure took long enough. Lets have a party. And all though it´s metaphoric, and all though it´s silly sounding, I´m going to tell you that - that is what happens.

The body has joy, did you know that? The innate, when you are talking to it - feels great. Those of you involved with health, do you know what it feels like to be healthy? Your entire body is rejoicing with every step, with every breath. That´s the innate celebrating. You start talking to it. All these years it has been listening, hoping you would, because without direction it just does what it wants - you know that, don´t you? My partner(Lee Caroll) talked about the bell shaped curve.(sinus-kurven). Without instruction your body is going to follow that which is average. Do it´s own thing. With instructions - you control it. Could not be simpler. First thing it does - is celebrate. 

The next thing it does, is start to work. And I want to talk about that - starting to work; Depending upon the things that you are communicating to your cellular structure- whether it is for health or for healing or for youthing( her: foryngelse). No matter what it is, you got to give it some time. There is a practicality here that you have to understand, because these things are only going to be accomplish through cell-division and what you call rejuvenation (også foryngelse). Your body is built to rejuvenate it self. Most of the organs in your body, including the skin, rejuvenate themselves. Over a period of time you get new ones. This is how you stay alive. When you start talking to your cellular structure - those instructions are going to the data in DNA. And they are going to be picked up the next rejuvenation cycle. And so you are not going to get results tomorrow. This is common sense. It becomes spiritual common sense to ally - for the first time, the idea, that there is a time it takes in your linearity, with your cellular structure - even to accomplish healing. That not all things will be allied to spontaneous remission- which is another story. Does not that make sense? 

And so you will start to feel it over time. And the things that you are working on and asking for, will start to show themselves over time. 

And it´s the third thing, that I want to tell you about; That you are not ready for. -When you start talking to your cells, the innate knows that your consciousness is benevolent, it knows you want to stay. And there are automatic systems, that will go into place improving other parts of your body, that you never ask to have approved.  

You are going to start a process of extended life. And healing will start to occur and balance in areas, that your consciousness has no idea about. But that your innate knows all about. You have just awaken the bridge, between human consciousness and cellular structure. It´s easy. But you got to fall in love.

Imagine for a moment you sit alone, and perhaps it´s out laud - and you are going to make first contact. Does not matter how old you are, how young you are, and you realize that you really are in love with the divine part of you. Perhaps you can even visualize the face of God, whatever that means to you, that you can see your eternalness in every cell of your body. And you realize it is  a cellular structure that is waiting to hear from you. C-A-L. And so you begin. And you realize you got their number. You can feel it, and even before you open your mouth, the chill start to begin because they picked up the telephone. And now they are really listening. And the first thing you might say; we know each other - and I love you. I´m sorry it took so long for me to figure it out. I want you to go into the processes that you know about - that I don´t. I want you to come together in a benevolence that would create health and a long lasting human being.

I want you to talk to me- in whatever ways you can - that I can recognize. I want to hold your hand and you hold mine for the rest of my life. If there is any inappropriateness - if there is any imbalance chemically in my body- I want it to go away - through time and appropriate action. I realize I have habits that are killing me - and I want them to change. I realize that I have a very bad hight to weight ratio (laughing). Want me to explain that? I´m being benevolent and kind. Dear cellular structure I want my metabolism to echo my magnificence. Help me to be the right size. For the greatest health. Change what is needed. Pull on the akash if you need to, in remembrance of who I used to be. Change my diet preferences if I need to. Let the body crave what it needs and not what I want it to need. Bring it to a place of balanced divinity, and I promise I will talk to you every day. Because I love you. 

And then do not hang up the phone. 
And then do not hang up the phone. 

And if you want to analyze this channel, you realize that your consciousness never  told the body specifics. Because the innate knows what to do. It´s just waiting for the call. You´re asking for balance, and the innate knows what to do.  The smart part of your body can even get in touch with your akash. It can call on the right parts of it for help, for change, pre chopping habits that you have and should not have - as simple as eating too much. Or the wrong things. And you can´t help it because it´s a habit. And that can change very, very quickly. Within a couple of cycles of cellular rejuvenation, creating actual differences in what you want to eat. So there is no suffering, and there is no big hunger. Because it is pulled in a You from the past, that didn´t have the habit, that you have today. That is the power in front of you. 

C-A-L. Some of you are going to start doing this and you are going to get result right away. And I want to tell you, if you are one of those, you have got a job to show others how to do it. Because it is not going to happen over night by someone listening to this channel - necessarily. You are going to have to show them what you have done. Lastly, how does that make you feel? Old soul. That you know you have got a friend inside. To the extent - that you can put years and years and years on your life. All of this in an appropriateness of the plan that you have laid down for earth; who you are going to be next time, when you are suppose to come and go. 

It´s about staying healthy while you are here. And that is way outside of the bell shaped curve, and that´s what you can do. There will be another channel in another time, of how to recognize what the body says to you. For you don´t speak it´s language necessarily, and you have got to understand through some processes, how it might speak back to you, so that you can give it better instructions. It´s a cycle you see. The channel today is given in a very sacred place to create new tools for you, because it´s time. 

Muntlig informasjon oversatt til skriftlig v/An-Magritt Aune

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