lørdag 10. mai 2014

The greatest power is to love

Ja, akkurat slik er det!  Utfordre kraften din og du skal se du blir kjent med deg sjøl på et helt nytt nivå.  Ta for gitt at du greier hva det skulle være - uansett - og du får bevist at du greier det!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It is sometimes in your greatest challenges that you find your greatest strengths. In every opportunity there is a chance to feel as if you are victim, or to embrace your inner power; to feel unloved or to bring more love to the surface; to perceive lack, or to find the true abundance. In every moment, you can embrace the greater truth of the Love that is always present, or you can turn away from it and focus on the illusion that it is gone. It is, and always will be, a choice you are given with the gift of free will.

So when you find yourself in times of challenge, ask yourself, "How can I bring more love into this situation?" Perhaps you must have compassion for yourself and reach out for help. Perhaps you can ask for prayers. Perhaps you can be kind to someone else to take your mind off your own problems. Perhaps you can sit and pray and turn to God and your angels for assistance. In changing your focus to love, even in the tiniest measure you begin to open up to the streams of grace. You begin to aim yourself towards a kinder reality. You affirm faith in what is good and true, and deny the illusions of separation. 

Dear ones the greatest power of all is the power to love. The greatest strength is the ability to be light in the darkness. The greatest abundance is to find love even in times of lack. Do so, and you will begin to transform your reality into a kinder and more gentle experience of life.

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