onsdag 13. juli 2011

SaLuSa - 13 - Juli 2011

SaLuSa 13-July-2011
Kanalisert av Mike Quinsey

"There are many conflicting ideas as to how the final months will proceed through to Ascension. Our answer to that is to suggest that you do not hold too rigidly to your present views. Be ever ready to move according to what you learn as new, and be assured that much will be happening very soon. The entire picture is not held by any one individual, and many contribute to your knowledge. Intuitively you should know what to believe. In time there will be no doubts at all, as we will be able to be more open by contacting the public through television and the mass media. Also the Masters who are revered and whose word is respected, will walk amongst you once more. Be sure that by the time choices will have to be made, and people will know exactly what is at stake. Each soul will go within and become aware of their life plan, and if choosing not to ascend will have made a reasoned choice."

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