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"How Universes Are Formed"

"How Universes Are Formed" From The Reconnections ...
23 July 2011 Channeler: Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob og "How Universes Are Formed" From The Reconnections ... - tar for seg emnet hva angår 'lineær terminologi', men på det mest ekspanderte området hvor alt skjer i et eneste multiverselt Nå. Det er lærerik lesing for den interesserte.

"My Dear Friends,

We speak to you now about how universes come into being. We speak in linear terminology--though, at the most expanded levels, everything happens within one Multiversal NOW. We do this for your edification, and to establish congruity between more solidified bases of reality and potentialities which also exist, all around you.

To begin, we offer a visualization:

We sit alone at the side of a great and flowing river. Around us there are slaps and washes of waves, billowing from what seems like an endless sea of energy. This is the STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. As you stand upon the bank (which is your physical universe), you cast our eye around the stream, to see what's (also) there. Suddenly, something catches your eye, and you go to investigate ...

And that, My Friends is how it happens. When you go fishing in the Stream of Consciousness---YOU'RE the one who gets hooked!


There is, indeed, a level of reality that corresponds to the one in the little story above. It is a place of high potential---on the dividing line between Spirit and Form. It is within you, even as you are within it. It is portrayed as a body of water because water has always been an excellent symbol for potentiated spirit. It is still tangible and visible, but it can be shaped and reformed very easily. It is a LIQUID asset which is quite easy to channel!

The waters found in the Stream of Consciousness flow as pure possibility. Although the observer is highlighted, in the story, as standing on the shore (symbolizing tangible, physical reality), there are aspects of him or her which are also bobbing there in the waters as well---alternative themes and issues---available for perusal at any time. The Stream of Consciousness is but one "outlet" of information and data that makes up the Multiverse. And each of you, as a core energy, is represented there."

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