lørdag 16. juli 2011

"Dilithium Crystals" - løsningen på framtids-energien?

Dilithium Crystals ‘most likely’ to power next generation
JULY 16, 2011
by lucas2012infos

June 18, 2012 — CAMBRIDGE, MASS –In a Gallup poll released today, Americans chose dilithium crystals as the “most likely” fuel to run future cars and power plants, with 84% of Americans choosing the crystals over other options including nuclear, hydrogen, corn ethanol, shale gas, and photovoltaic solar panels. Respondents indicated that dilithium crystals are popular for providing quiet, clean energy, with a proven track record of seven-hundred twenty-six episodes in four different Star Trek television series.
Professor Stephen Palmer, of MIT, claims that dilithium crystals have “literally unlimited potential” for the future of energy, reporting, “Based on my research, which includes careful observation of over ten thousand hours of Deep Space Nine and Voyager re-runs, dilithium crystals have a virtually infinite capacity for power generation.”

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