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“When ‘Great Ones’ Die, Their Light Spreads Over The Universe.” Grandmothers December Message

" When Nelson Mandela died we lost one of the Great Ones, one of those who now and then grace our planet with the expansive reach of love. When such a one dies we may feel sadness, regret, or even fear. If we were to put this into words, it would come out something like “Who’s left to guide and inspire us now?” Feelings like these arose when Ghandi was killed, when Mother Teresa died, and when various other luminaries left the planet. Whenever a great-souled one departs the earth, we who are left behind often feel bereft, abandoned, and deprived of the moral and spiritual leadership we crave. We’ve lost something.

“Do not be afraid when those whom you revere die,” the Grandmothers say, “for love will fill the gap. When a five hundred watt bulb burns out, immediately one hundred fifty-watt bulbs or one thousand tiny five-watt bulbs flick on. These smaller bulbs may hardly be noticed at first, but a plethora of these smaller bulbs light up the darkness. And when they beam their lights together through the Net of Light, they really light up the darkness.

“There is no dearth of light/love on your beloved planet today and there never will be,” the Grandmothers promise. “When Great Ones pass on, their light is released to spread over the universe, to blaze and broadcast over a much wider area than was possible for them before. No longer confined to the limits of one small form, the light of these Great Ones now radiates farther and wider.

“As their light moves outward, it illumines the cosmos (including the earth). And at the moment this happens, your individual lights come together to dispel the darkness around you, to encourage and empower one another, and light the path for those who come after you. You are one of the lights we are talking about,” the Grandmothers say, “and many of you are glowing far brighter than you think. Some of you may measure today at ten watts, at twenty-five watts, or at a hundred watts or more. But whatever your potency at this moment,” they say, “you are burning clear and true and your power will increase over time.

“It is your job to shine your light,” they say. “This is also your delight. Shining is your nature,” the Grandmothers explain, “because shining is what a light does.”

The Grandmothers tell us that now is not the time to fool ourselves about who we are. Not the time to tell ourselves how small and insignificant we are. There will never be a time for that. We are greater than we have been told we are, greater than we have told ourselves we are. Nelson Mandela spoke about this very thing. His words went something like this-“We are not afraid that we are weak and insignificant. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond our imagining.” Isn’t it strange that what we are afraid of is not our perceived weakness, but our own power?

Strange it may be, but we can no longer afford to hide from the power glowing within us. It’s time to take the Grandmothers’ words literally and time to take Nelson Mandela’s words literally. Time to put away our fears and simply shine. After all, “If not now, when? And if not us, who?”"

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