mandag 13. januar 2014

Greetings from Abraham Lincoln i anledning Nelson Mandela's bortgang

Note from Nazira:

I had the privilege of channeling Abraham Lincoln on topics similar to what Nelson Mandela is bringing forth.   One of these great human beings freed the slaves in North America, and the other abolished Apartheid.  They think alike, and speak alike.

Nazira:  I invite the Masters to bring greetings to humanity on earth.  My station is open for those who wish to speak.

Great is the assembly of Heaven, but great also is the assembly on earth.  As the assembly in Heaven mingles with the assembly on earth, there comes a period of great power, and this power is now being dispatched.  We say to all humans on earth, this is your time.  These are your days.  You may mingle with your Masters of old, and you may discuss with them those topics that will bring you to a new reality, and a new abundance, and a great comradeship.

There is one among us who wishes to speak, and this person wishes to speak about Abundance, about the reality of Abundance, and how Abundance can work so that each person can realize his latent ability and become whole, and become greater than he could ever imagine that he could become.  The person that will address you today is Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln:

Yes, people of earth, we are joined together and there is no stopping us.  We have come to tell you that the days of abundance are upon you, but we need also to tell you that you must be aware of how to spend that abundance, and how to create abundance for those who have never had anything in their lives.  This will be so new to them that they will need you to walk beside them until they understand.

This means that we are calling on people with a great heart, and great wisdom and knowledge.  We are searching you out, and we ask you to come forward.  Some of you have reached a state in life that has been quite satisfying, and now you are invited to assist others to lead a life of satisfaction, joy and harmony.

Therefore, this message is for those who do come forth.  I say to you, bring whatever abilities you have.  If you have the ability to handle finances, then bring that ability.  If you have the ability to grow plants so that the people of earth can be fed in their own community, then bring that ability forth.  If you have ability with regard to transportation, or with regard to organizing a community, bring that ability forth.  Every ability on earth can be called forth in service to one another.

If you do not know where to go to offer your services, then begin in your own group.  Begin with your neighbor, or someone else who is receiving funds.  Begin with one, and two, and three.  This is not an enterprise that will be conducted and supervised by a government, nor by a judge, or a lawyer.  This is a project that will be handled by little people, for little people. Therefore you are the leader;  you are the one who will say, “Let us get this going.”  All that is required is that you receive funds.
It is not necessary for you to go half way across the world in order to serve.  You can begin by serving in your own community, in your own province or state, in your own country, and then move forward as you discover someone with leadership skills.  This entire project can be completed within two years, if it is responded to with great enthusiasm.

There will be sufficient Masters from the Invisible Kingdom to guide you, if you have sufficient telepathic people to communicate with the Masters.  Therefore do your best to teach telepathy as quickly as possible, so that the guidance can be received and followed.

I will come again with more news.

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,
A telepath who lived several lives in Africa

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