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Navigating Through Solar Flares and Other Energetic Influences - A message from Dana Mrkich

Friday, 10 January, 2014  (posted 11 January, 2014)

The current Solar Flare activity is coming from a sunspot on the Sun that is three times as big as Earth! The way it is facing us triggers images of a cannon that has swivelled around to give us a direct hit. Thanks Sun:) 

Solar Flares and the resulting Coronal Mass Ejections push our buttons in extreme ways. We can feel immense fatigue or hyper-energised as electricity coarses through us. We can feel emotionally overwhelmed as our sensitivity meter goes to high, or we feel super-motivated as clarity washes and opens our minds and hearts. There is no right or wrong way to be feeling, you feel however you most need to feel depending on the day! 

That said, you don't need to feel at the mercy of these, or any, external energies. We don't have control over energy waves but we can definitely learn how to ride them and use them in a good way. The waves don't want to crush us, they (I believe) are trying to uplift us, awaken and activate us! 

* Know what makes you feel more grounded when you feel wired eg going for a walk or lying on the earth.

* Know what makes you feel more centred when you're feeling scattered or emotional eg journalling, doing some physical exercise or listening to music.

* Know what makes you feel positive when you feel yourself being pulled into old fears or current worries eg read inspiring stories on whatever topic is most pushing your buttons.

* Know that it is healthy for emotions to come up if they have been repressed and that it's okay to have a good cry or punch a pillow if you need to.

* Know it's okay to have a nap or a rest if you are exhausted.

Be aware of what's going on energetically around you, whether from the Sun, other people or other things, and know that you are responsible for taking care of your energy field, for understanding it, listening to it, and for navigating its response to whatever is going on.

A New Phase of the Solar Cycle

The Sun's Magnetic Field Reversal is, according to NASA, now complete and so we are now in a whole new phase of this solar cycle - as well as having just started a whole new stage in our evolutionary cycle over the past year. 

It's a powerful graduation, as personally and collectively we are called to a higher level of our selves. Just like moving from high school to university/college/work, it will feel more challenging at times yet will be more rewarding. It will require greater responsibility and focus, yet offer us more fulfillment, autonomy and empowerment. We will have more freedom with no-one hovering over us telling us what to do, but we will soon realise that this isn't an excuse to ditch class. 

If we want results we need to show up: consciously, emotionally, physically and energetically.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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