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Wake up Call: Horus+Hatonn, 01-04-14

Flere forstår nå mer av det som er i ferd med å skje, sier Nancy Tate.

Nancy: Why are there so many cloudships up in the sky here and over the Huachuca Mtns today?

Horus: We are here to fix that which has been in disarray for millennia. It is a matter of being able to bring to harmony that which has been out of sync for so long. We are taking our time to make sure that it is all done in the way that will be most beneficial to not only those on the surface, but for those within the earth as well. As I told you earlier, if the Inner and Hollow Earth had not been in the fifth dimensions for this time of duality the planet would have disintegrated before now. Because we have kept the vibration strong and pure, it has been possible to keep the 3D duality experience in accord with the design that the Creator had, along with those of you who came here to have this experience.

We are not only clearing out the portals that have required the clearing, but we are also beginning to reopen some of the portals that were shut down in order to maintain the 3D energy on the surface. There are two portals now that are ready for the transport of any of the surface dwellers who are ready to go within. They will be coming as soon as they get the signal, which shouldn’t be too much longer, as far as days are concerned.

Also we are engaging in conversation with some of the people at the fort. They are assigned their placement there for this purpose, and beyond. It is the beginning of the opening of the doors to the public as far as what the actual truth is in many corners of the world. It is a matter of the people being in a position where they can no longer deny what is in front of their eyes, and that will speak to them of what they have been here on earth for, and what is coming for them.

This is a development that will gradually take place as more and more of what we are about will be brought forth. There will be instances when we will bring about happenings that cannot be denied, for there will be reports made public that will set the tone for what we will be showing all over the world.

First it is a matter of the various parts of the societies that have been in place all over the world to come into clarity, and to the truth of what has really been going on. When enough of that is exposed, then the people will be ready for the next pieces of news that will be backed up by the obvious truth that is before them.

N: That sounds to me that it will be a matter of the people not panicking over news that is at this time fearful to them.

Hatonn: Yes, that has been the idea for some time. We have seen how the people have been so programmed over the millennia and yet we have seen that as the vibration of the planet and the people who have opened to the truth have widened, there is an exponential increase in the numbers of people who are opening up and believing more of what they have been reading, and hearing. They also are seeing what is before their eyes in a different way, a deeper way.

We would also like to tell you of an oncoming event that is to take place, and that is that many more people will see their world shift and that will represent that the energies are in the in-between, time and no-time, space. That will mean that there are some who will feel that they are still living in the world they are used to, and others will see their world as that which they are remembering it can be. The next step in that process will be remembering the way their world was at one time, and that it can be that way once again. They will see that it is beginning to be that way, and that will increase as each time it is more obvious to them, their view of it will too expand.

This gives a whole different meaning to the word event, does it not? It gives an expansion to the idea of how time can be manipulated with the intent to experience it in a way that is new and interesting. It can be that one thing that used to take an hour or two can now take a minute or two. That is an example of what you are all returning to, at your own chosen pace. So the event that so many are speaking of is in process. There will come a point at which it will be in front of everyone’s face, and it will be interpreted in the way that any individual will allow themselves to see it. It will be a turning point in everyone’s lives individually.

N: Thank you for this information. Is there anything else that you have to tell us?
Horus: We would like to say this before we close for the time being. We would like to see many of you take the feelings that you have been having with the utmost sincerity. We feel that you are at the edge of the understanding of what is in store for the world and for you each in a way that is not only spellbinding in many ways, but eye-opening in a way that speaks of the truth of what you are feeling, and what you are seeing and hearing as well. We know that this is a pivotal time in your lives and that there is much that is being laid on the table for for-thought and then the realization of what it all means to you. There are some people who will see it as truth in their own interpretation and they will be correct. There are others who will see it as truth in a way that may not seem to agree with others, however, that is also correct. What we see from our inner vision is interpreted by what is in our knowingness, and experience. It is always the correct vision and knowingness for one and all. You have seen examples of that in your lives here on the surface, and that is the example of which we speak, pertaining to the individual interpretation of anything. None of it is wrong; all of it is correct and in keeping with our Oneness.

N: That is all very interesting, I am very grateful for this information and for how you and so many other beautiful beings are with us, and assisting us any time that we ask.

Thank you dear Horus and dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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