fredag 24. januar 2014

SaLuSa 24 January 2014

"As ever time flies by and is speeding towards the times of important
changes, that are the fore runners of a new period in your history that is
leaving the past behind. All proceeds as intended, and before very long you
will begin to receive the proof that you have been seeking. You will be in
no doubt that all along the forces for good have been working towards the
changes that you have been promised, and that the New Age is upon you.
Outwardly many will only see confusion and many parts of your world in
turmoil. It is the final throes of the dark Ones who are now in retreat.
Before long those who have been working silently for the Light will reveal
themselves, and you will know that the New Age has truly begun.

Meanwhile Lightworkers are called upon to remain resilient and focussed upon
their work, that will ensure the Light is continuing to be empowered. For a
long, long time you have sought proof of the changes that you know must come
if the New Age is to get underway. That will for some time be limited until
such times that it is safe for the Light to be revealed for the progress
that has been made. However, there are numerous signs everywhere that the
changes are speeding up, and can be found by those who are seeking in
earnest. Already some souls are making themselves known for their Light
work, and you may rest assured that they will be protected by us.

As the Light grows in strength so more souls will begin to awaken, their
levels of consciousness will enable them to raise their vibrations. Already
we find that more people are speaking openly of their new found
understanding, and there is a new eagerness to discuss what is happening
upon Earth. The awakening will continue to grow at a greater speed that
will draw like souls together. Indeed, it will also create a wider gap
between those of the Light and the non-believers which is to be expected.
However, we do not advocate any deliberate attempts to widen it.
Lightworkers will be needed more than previously, to assist those who are
seeking a greater understanding of what is taking place.

Some of you have waited for a long time to act in service to your fellow
travellers on the path of Light. Now that time has arrived and many will be
called to fulfill their life contract. Be assured that you do not walk alone
at any time, you are always accompanied by several souls who are there to
serve you. So do not hesitate to call upon them when you need help. If you
are searching for some indication as to what your role is to be, do not
worry as when the time is right you will be left in no doubt as to what is
required of you. Your role will be one that you have prepared for over many
lifetimes and you will have no need to doubt your ability.

As you are aware, at these end-times much karma is coming up to be cleared,
and this is one reason why so much activity is taking place. However, given
time it will become less, and will be helped by bringing together many souls
who hitherto have been deliberately kept apart. The dark Ones have created
many ways in which to stop you coming together as One, but that will change
as it is realised how much you have in common with each other. Religion has
divided people and many wars have been fought because of the different
ideologies. These problems will also be overcome when the truth is made
known, and it is realised that All are One.

So do not be too concerned as to how the seemingly impossible differences
between you can be overcome. When the truth is given by those who have your
confidence and trust, many difficulties will simply fade away. At heart most
of you seek a peaceful life, and are happy to live and let live. Allowing
others to choose their own path of Light will become generally accepted, and
they will be able to progress as slowly or quickly as suits them. All will
eventually find the Light and there are endless pathways to it.

Keep a positive approach in all you do and do not allow doubt to creep in,
as the dark Ones will attempt to put you off course right up until the last
minute. They will be gradually become weakened and will no longer have the
ability to interfere with your progress. Slowly they having their power
taken away, and are already unable to command with the authority that they
once had. We are closely monitoring them, even to the point where they have
no hiding place from us. There is no escape and they will be begging to no
avail to avoid the consequences of their actions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and so pleased to help you through these periods of
intense changes. Be assured that however impossible earthly situations seem,
with our help they shall be overcome in short time. Whilst for karmic
reasons you must tread the paths you have created for yourselves, we can
come in at the appropriate time and help your restore your countries. So
please do not get downhearted or despair over the "mess" that many years of
wars have left some countries in. We are here to help you, and clear the
pathway to a wonderful Golden future."

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey. 

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