søndag 19. januar 2014

Espavo - A Change in the Sun’s Polarity

Menneskene har endret planeten, ved at hver enkelt del er skiftet.  Nå er vi i ferd med å akklimatisere oss inn i en ny verden.  Dette er ingen lett oppgave!

Greetings, dear ones.

"I am eM and I am here because you have changed this planet. You have already shifted every single part of it and now you are starting to acclimate into a new world. This is not easy to do which is why we want to tell you what lies ahead, because that is the beautiful part about what you are in the midst of right now. The Keeper has been talking about this change in your sun’s polarity, but the sun is not the only thing that changes polarity. Planet Earth has already changed several times as well. Why would something ever change polarity? Well, there is a simple reason, dear ones, for all of this is about balance.

The field of polarity or duality, in which you have been working in this third dimension of yours, has separated everything out and what you have been dealing with are your perceptions. You create the moment you open your eyes. Now there are even more possibilities happening in brand new ways, and this is what we wish to share with you today because it has begun. You see, the first year of this transition has been all about acclimation; it has been about learning to understand the new power. Now you even have the work of the cosmos behind you. This change of polarity of the sun is sending out a huge magnetic field. No, it is not strong, it is huge. It covers the cosmos with what you call a weak—and we call a subtle—energy field which permeates everything. Well, that is how we control everything. We actually use the collective we because you are a part of that as well. We control the universe through these subtle magnetic fields. This is what you have used when you have done your long distance healing,   when you send good thoughts to or pray for people. You have sent out those magnetic waves so that others could walk into them and experience the energy. 

March 2014

As the sun starts to change, the polarity movement of the plate itself is slowing down; parts of that have been in motion are catching up with it. This is starting new crinkles for soon a part will go ahead, then fall back, go ahead again, and finally it will find its new balance in the opposite direction. Instead of turning one way, it will be turning the other and that change is an opportunity for all of you over the next four months. In other words, it is starting right away. Your sciences do not believe it will start in another three or four weeks and we tell you it has already begun. You will feel it in your body emotionally, but it will not finally acclimate until late March. March of 2014 will be an acclimation time for this new energy, and as that happens you will be learning to live in a new world. Yes, it will feel strange just as moving from a past world into this new world has. But this time you will feel more surety, you will feel a confidence in your heart and that is the beauty of what is taking place. 

The Reunion of Light on Planet Earth

There is so much more. The Keeper has spoken about living in a time of no more secrets. That is absolutely the beauty of it all because when you all take off those illusions of who you are pretending to be, you get down to the spirit within and you learn to know each other on a totally different basis. This is the reunion of the light on planet Earth which it is happening now and it is so beautiful to see. This next 12 months beginning right now offer you the capacity to ground a new light on Earth within your being. You have been carrying more of your own light and have the ability of walking in a new body as well. This new body will not carry all of the emotional scar tissue that you have been burdened with, and it will allow you to change your energy by your own decision. You have tried it and worked with these in new areas, but they are coming in. Now what is necessary for you to do that, to understand that every emotion you have is true? Oh, that confuses many of you because you try to think of your emotions and judge the ones you want to have, and which are negative or positive. We do not consider any of these emotions to be bad or right or wrong. They are simply your reflection of who you are and what you are experiencing in that moment. 

A Time of Stillness . . . Zero point

As the shift takes place and energy subtly moves from one area of circulation to another, you will feel a confidence that you have been missing. This will give you the opportunity to move but you must be prepared to do so, which is why we are giving you this message right now. It is the time of stillness, in preparation for the time of movement, which is right in front of you. You have a very unusual opportunity in front of you, because when this changes direction it moves and releases your magnetic pull from the sun for a short time as it goes to zero point. When it goes to zero point, which is happening very quickly, that is a magical time of balance on planet Earth. The biggest part about balance is the male/female energy that you have been working to balance for a very long time. Now they are showing up and you have a chance to balance yourself, your own energy and the environment around you. You are basically creating an entirely new world and you have that opportunity to recognize this and choose your world around you. Yes, it is going to mean gaining your confidence because that is the magnetism that pulls everything from the cosmos to you. Just as if you were Home, if you were thinking of a chocolate cake, a chocolate cake would show up right in front of you. Well, you have those capabilities here now. But you will not be doing it with chocolate cake, you will be doing it with each other."     forts.

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