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Mandela Visits Friends in Heaven - 7 January 2014 - Luisa Vasconcellos - Channeler: NAZIRA

Mandela:  Greetings, my special visitor, will you climb the heights with me today?
Nazira:  Greetings,  I will be happy to.

Mandela:  Let us visit some of my friends who came here before me.  Perhaps they would like to send a message home.  I found them yesterday.  One is my uncle Peter, who is enjoying raising chickens.  He was a chicken farmer on Earth.

Nazira:  [We “glided”over to Nelson’s friend .  He smiled broadly when we approached.]

Mandela:  This is a special lady who can walk on Earth and visit where you are.  She merely leaves her cloak and mantle at home when she comes here.  How long have you had your chicken farm?

Peter:  Since about a year after I arrived.  One of my sons joined me, and he is here too.
Mandela:  Are there more farmers here?

Peter:  Some raise vegetables.  Everything grows perfectly here.
Nazira:  [I approached the chickens.  They were not afraid, and came toward me.  Nelson called me.]

Mandela:  Peter would like to send greetings to his wife.  Is this something that you can do?
Nazira:  If he will give me a message, I will forward it to her when I return to Earth.
Peter:  Yes, Yes.  Please tell her that I miss her, that Robin and I are fine.  We have visited our relatives.  It is very pleasant here, there is much to do, the weather is never hot, and there are lakes to swim in.

Nazira:  I will tell her.  Thank you very much.
Nazira:  [Mandela and I continued our visit, and came to a building that appeared to be a hospital.]

Mandela:  These men died in battle very recently, and are recovering.  They had no wish to kill fellow Africans, but were forced to do so.  When the intent is pure, they are free of guilt and recover quickly.  Some have great sorrow that they killed a father and husband, and require extra care before they can smile again.  We will teach African men to refuse to take up arms, and to kill.  Then we will live in peace.

Mandela:  You may return home, kind Scribe. Please send this message to Africans:

Do not kill each other.

Live in Peace

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