onsdag 1. januar 2014

Wake up Call: Hatonn, Jan 01, 14

"I am here today to bring you a message of hope and assuredness. I am Hatonn, and in this message I am bringing much of what so many of you are saying and asking for at this new beginning of the timeliness of the freedom that you are heading into. It is a matter of being in the know about what you are striving for and then knowing that it is going to work. Yes, it is going to come for you, because you have reached an epitome about how you can achieve that which you are destined for.

As you go through this new year of opening to the truth of your abilities, you will see many ways in which what you are inspired to do will work. That will increase your knowledge of what to tap into within your beingness and how to bring it forth in the joining of so many of you who are walking in that light of Love and freedom. It is a matter of talking the strides that you see will bring you to the truth of how you can master anything that you intend for the coming forth of the truthfulness that brings forward the higher energies that you are bringing to yourselves. It is going to prove itself to us all as the year progresses and you stand in your rights as sovereign citizens of this planet and further into the universe.

I would like to speak with you about something that is taking place now. There are many cases in which things that have been being formed to answer many people’s questions are coming to the public now. It is wise for you to pay attention to anything that resounds to you a clear and positive message. It is an example of what you are going to be creating in the times to come. Give credence to anything that speaks to you of what makes sense and what feels very strongly wonderful and clear. With this in mind you will be helping to bring about that which you have seen set into place in many ways in the recent times.

We are so impressed with how well you are all doing and how many of you are stepping out in Truth and Love. You are showing the example of the more powerful way in which to bring to your world that which resonates with all of life. When you are inspired to follow an urging for something that can change the ideas that have been connected with something, yet which have only brought forth that which does not benefit all of life, then you have tuned in to the choice that you have made on a soul level. Step forth in that choice and know that you will see results flowing to benefit the entire world.

I leave this message now with the utmost love and respect for all of you. You have shown to me that you are in the drivers seat and that you know the route to take to benefit all. Keep on with the knowledge that we are all One and that you are awakening to what that means. The best things in life are free for the taking and all you need do is to see it as that which says to you that it is for the benefit of all life on earth, and go from there.

A Beautiful glow emits forth from all of you and brightens the landscape of the planet in a whole new way. Be ready for the celebration that is just around the corner and in your lives at this time. Blessings and Love to you all!"

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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