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Tap Power of Jan 15 Full Moon to Anchor Success - by Selacia

Each year begins with a mix of energies, but this is the first year in a long while offering you the positive possibilities 2014 does.

To put this in context, remember that you are one of the fortunate ones consciously aware of what these revolutionary times are about. You know, for example, that these years of mega shifting are unlike anything previous generations experienced. You understand at your core that this is a very precious lifetime – your most important one so far!

You know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and you have consciously chosen to strive for integrating spirit into your entire being – until you are truly merged. Being on a spiritual path for lifetimes – and having done a good amount of preparatory “homework” – you feel a relentless urge to be more and self-actualize more with each breath.

There is a cumulative helpful impact from your inner work and spiritual mastery across time. Do not underestimate the good that can come to you in this life because of this groundwork.

You Are No Lightweight

To be sure, some days are easier than others. Yours is not a path for people afraid of their own shadow. You understand that spiritual growth and enlightenment involve a process and that this requires effort and persistence. You may feel like a lightweight some days, but in truth, you could not stand where you do now if you were inconsequential.

You know that this cycle of time is especially challenging for all on the Earth. Our upside-down-world simply cannot change magically overnight or even within a few years. We have been in a kind of rapid-flash shifting for decades – no wonder you feel dizzy at times!

Now, more than ever, you are likely feeling the intense undercurrents of the 2012-2015 planetary energy cycles that are catalyzing revolutionary changes within people and in your external world. No one is exempt from this tidal wave of shifting as your society is being remade.

The Positive Possibilities

Yes, there is the ongoing tidal wave and the world seems about to bust wide open into meltdown mode. However, simultaneously you can learn to master the wave and to benefit from the meltdown. After all, you are a divine changemaker, right?

Divine changemakers discover how to use the fluctuating energies for spiritual progress, leaping into brand-new territories that were previously off limits. A key element in mastery is becoming aware of energies and how they impact you and the collective.

Your awareness and response to January’s energies will help set the foundation for subsequent months. The more that you can stay awake to shifts in energy – noticing positive subtle changes that can help you open new doors – the greater your success in staying focused and available to opportunities.

Indeed, there is a lighter feel in the air as we begin 2014. This is true even if longstanding challenges persist and you don’t yet have clarity about the next steps. Use the more optimistic tone within society to help bolster your own optimism, self-confidence, and initiative for action.

Full Moon on January 15

Now that we’re nearing the half-way point of January, a full moon on the 15th can help you illuminate the path ahead and increase self-understanding of what will be needed for success in 2014. This particular full moon in the sign of Cancer also can help bring to light feelings and relationships that need updating.

You may become aware of upsetting feelings previously repressed. If that happens, don’t ignore what you feel. Begin to unravel the source of your feelings with honest self-examination and, if necessary, do healing of core issues at a DNA level. Trust that whatever unresolved issues arise, they have come to your awareness for resolution. Use the power of this week’s full moon to help bring closure to situations that are holding you back.

The following are 5 tips for tapping the beneficial power of the January 15 full moon. Work with these now and throughout the week to maintain your balance, increase useful insights, accelerate healing, and move more into your empowerment as a divine changemaker.

5 Tips to Tap Power of the Full Moon

First, remember that full moons generally expand what you feel and sense. If you tend to be more sensitive than the norm, pay extra attention to grounding and finding your balance. The more that you can remain centered and grounded the more that you can be in your heart. That will be a key factor in benefiting most from this full moon.

Second, keep in mind that this full moon will be amplifying the intensity of these already rocky times. You personally may be in a calmer phase this week, but others around you may not be so fortunate. Be kind to yourself and others, keeping the big picture in mind. This means focus less on the minutia of things like traffic jams and long waits in line. Those things occur regardless of what planetary cycle we are experiencing. Be the one in the crowd who stays calm and kind, offering a generous hand to others.

Third, since one focus of this month’s full moon in Cancer is a balancing of feminine energies across the planet, become more mindful of how you feel when you are feeling it. Make your best efforts to avoid acting on negative feelings. As a divine changemaker, you are alive now to be at the forefront of balancing the inner male and female within humanity. Each of us carries both qualities. For society to function in a more enlightened way, the longstanding polarity of masculine and feminine must be addressed. Feminine qualities like heart-centeredness and kindness are the cornerstones of the loving world we all want.

Fourth, even though the New Year is beginning at a fast pace, slow down this week so you don’t miss helpful flashes of insight catalyzed by this week’s energies. An example: the phone rings and you don’t think you have time to answer it. An intuitive nudge tells you to answer anyway. If you have paced yourself and listened – answering the phone – the person on the line could offer you a connection that opens doors of opportunity. Give yourself the gift of slowing down enough to hear and heed your inner wisdom.

Fifth, give yourself the time, nourishment, and positive self-acknowledgement you need to get and stay on track. Value your own contribution, no matter how small you feel it is. If you don’t value yourself, it will be difficult to see the value in others and interact with them in reciprocity. This self-defeating stance will prevent you from progressing spiritually, from moving forward in the physical world, and from manifesting your highest purpose.
by Selacia

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