mandag 6. januar 2014

A Day in the New Life of Nelson Mandela - 6 January 2014 - Channeler: NAZIRA

Mandela:  Greetings, my new friend.  The sun shines brightly this morning.. Thank you for coming to visit me.

Nazira:  I prepare for your visit, then wait until you come to stand behind me as you teach.  Today you did not come, and therefore I have risen to a higher dimension to visit you.

Mandela:  You have lived many lives in this region of heaven.  Our Father’s house has many mansions, and we have chosen to meet each other half way, to make it pleasant for both of us.

It is much different to imagine what heaven is like, and to actually be here.  We can hardly express how pleasant the surroundings are.  My mother and father are overjoyed that I have joined them at last.  Sometimes we sit at a campfire and remember.  The greatest difference between the two worlds is that here there is only love, peace and joy.  No sorrow, no anger, only joy and cooperation.

We are free at all times to do what we wish.  Some artists enjoy sitting at a lake painting the scenery.  Some go the Hall of Music, where they meet their musician friends.

When you visit me at one of our levels you absorb our peaceful energy and love, and you take it to Earth.  It spreads out like the rising sun, and brings peace to all. Telepaths who empty themselves of themselves can bring a great deal of love and joy to Earth.

Let us speak for a moment about cooperation.  Children naturally play together, but they must be taught cooperation.  Cooperation is an orderly process of doing similar things together, for the good of all.  When I cooperate with you I do not surrender my will.  When you cooperate with me, we work together, in peace and harmony.  To sing as we work is a tradition of my people.

A community cooperative is more productive than a corporation from somewhere else, whose principal aim is to make a profit. A cooperative is a group who do things together for their mutual good.  Very soon municipal governments will have the responsibility to assist a community to build a cooperative for housing, for educating children, to care for the elderly.  This is called group governance.

Soon old ways will be forgotten, and new methods will appear.  Words such as “profit”, “labor force”, “industrialization”, “foreign capital” will be forgotten. Fathers will cooperate to build a playground.  Mothers will obtain sewing machines, and together teach young girls how to sew.  Computers will be available to young and old.

Love, kindness and cooperation blossom everywhere, and soon will bear much fruit.
You may return to Earth, sharing the gifts with all.  You are blessed.

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,  A telepath who lived several lives in Africa.

Many thanks in advance, You are dearly welcome.

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