søndag 12. januar 2014

Spiritual Etiquette: How Do We Manage Our Own Power? Written by Awaken Academy Mystics

One of the critical aspects of what we call Spiritual Etiquette is the awareness that we are all connected and that through this interconnectedness we have the power to affect other people's energetic fields. 

As we walk our spiritual path, we become increasingly empowered. As we become more powerful, the intention/energy behind anything we say reflects that power. It's not light. It's not dark. It's not good. It's not bad. It's just pure power, chi, energy – the ability to do and affect. And we can use that power either positively or negatively. 

As we give voice to our thoughts, either in writing or speech, our energy infuses the communication. And when we write or say anything that has unconscious energy behind it, this comes right through and the target of that energy gets to feel it upon receipt. And the more awake and aware we become, and the more sensitive we are to these sorts of energetic ‘volleys’.

When our communication is full of fear, resentment, or some other unconscious vibration, that energy expresses through our words. The words themselves could be quite innocent, but now they're full of that energetic vibration, and the vibration is what really effects on others. 

The energy could trigger others, or it can push (if egoic in nature) and hit against their physical, emotional and/or subtle bodies. This can cause lots of pain and real damage, so we have to be very conscious about what and how we communicate, and particularly the energy that we are feeling when we are expressing ourselves.

And of course there are very positive ways we can use this energy too. If you are in a state of absolute JoyLightLove, or Oneness energy, when you write or speak, that energy is imbued in your written or verbal communication and that will also have a huge effect.

It's not necessarily about being bad or good. It's about becoming aware of your power. Becoming aware of how you can use that power consciously. 

Rama used to talk about this in terms of good Spiritual Etiquette. Spiritual Etiquette means being aware of the fact that we're all connected. Truly, spiritually, and at a Quantum level, there is no separation. And in fact we are all psychic – we all feel each other's thoughts. That's part of why we are able to co-create a magnificent field together. But because of this capacity for interconnectedness and the fact that we are so linked within this field – we each need to be aware of how we use that power, that it can have either a positive or negative effect and take responsibility for the energetic content of all of our communications.

We invite you to step into the conscious choice of your power. Choose to be empowered and to empower others. If you are called to leave behind the egoic constructs that have left you wide open to low vibrations and unfriendly agendas, then our class Stepping Into Our Mystical Power will help you open the door to the mystical realms in an ego-free, empowered and joyful manner.   Click Here for more information on the class.

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