torsdag 9. januar 2014

A major turning point in humanity’s spiritual evolution has been reached. January 8, 2014 by John Smallman

Vi har nådd et stort vendepunkt i åndelig utvikling.   Menneskene har i evigheter søkt etter meningen med livet - jaktet på et formål med det og kjempet for å overleve. Dette har mennesket gjort i et miljø som ikke støtter det, men krever mye arbeid. Dette ser vi klart nå.  Vi er guddommelige vesen som søker etter ekte åndelig veiledning.  Vi har brukt vår enorme kraft uten i det hele tatt å kople inn bevisstheten.  Illusjonen har hatt alt å si. 

"Humanity’s quest for meaning, the ever ongoing search for a life purpose other than plain survival in an environment that does not support your bodily needs without a lot of effort and focus on your part, is now becoming far clearer to you.  For eons basic survival was the driving force in human lives, but over the last few decades many of you have found yourselves in situations that are conducive to contemplation, to wise and thoughtful consideration of your religious, philosophical, political, and cultural beliefs and values – beliefs and values that had been imposed from without and which you had accepted unquestioningly.  You no longer do so and this has and is causing anxiety and doubt of a nature not previously experienced. The comfortable acceptance of rigid dogmas and of the judgments attached to them has been severely shaken and is leading to a renewed and enthusiastic search for true spiritual guidance, guidance that does not come laden with a set of personally motivated agendas from self appointed and arrogant authority figures that are in conflict with its claimed ideals.

As you have so often been told you are divine beings of enormous power, and for eons you have collectively been using that power – without awareness – to maintain and support an illusion that imposes severe restrictions and limitations upon you, not the least of which are time and your human bodies.  Time, which from your perspective can seem endless and overwhelming in respect to the formation of universes, galaxies, and star systems, and bodies which last only a very short time and which during that brief lifespan suffer frequently through illness, accident, or the untoward and unconscionable actions of others.  Not a very encouraging or enticing environment in which to experience your all too brief lives.

You are all eternal beings, and death is but part of the illusion, often an alarming part because it seems so final and inevitable.  And as you have searched widely in recent decades for a culture, a philosophy, or a religion that offers truth and meaning many of you have opened your hearts to love, and have found it in the most unexpected places.  You have realized that without love, forgiveness, and compassion that lasting peace is impossible.  This realization has become apparent and is being acknowledged in personal relationships, has spread to families, to small social groups and organizations, and the wisdom and knowledge it demonstrates is now starting to be put into practice on a much wider scale.  You are changing the world one person at a time, and that is the only way that lasting change can occur.  Each one of you has to embrace and demonstrate love, honesty, integrity, and trust, and each day more and more of you are doing just that.  A major turning point in humanity’s spiritual evolution has been reached, and there truly is only spiritual evolution, any other form is of the illusion and does not last."    forts.

Jesus through John | Guidance from an elder brother

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