torsdag 14. november 2013

The Universe Works With You - a message from Archangel Uriel - channeled by Jennifer Hoffman - Wednesday, 23 October, 2013

"Do you know that the universe works with you and not for you? It is not possible for the Universe to give you something that you do not want or to create situations that you have not already energized in some part of your reality. The Universal energy does not create something out of nothing. It only creates that which you have already established energetic space for through your conscious or unconscious intention.

As soon as you have defined the intention, you set up the vibrations that create the reality. Understanding this is the key to manifesting everything in life because it is how everything is manifested. And whether the intention is conscious or unconscious is not important; it is all the same to the Universe, which sees you as infinitely powerful, wise and always acting within your highest good.

When you pray to God, or the Source, to ‘fix this problem’ the Universe is unable to respond to you because you have not created anything, there is no intention, and there is nothing to fix because there is no problem.  The Universe knows that, either consciously or unconsciously, you created the situation that you see as a problem.

And you must create the solution by energizing the possibility for a new aspect of your reality to be present. You may ask for help because you feel that the Universe is far wiser than you are, but that is also a fallacy. You have all of the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe at your disposal and your ability to use it is only limited by your beliefs that the Universe is wiser, more powerful, more aware of your potential and of what is best for you, than you are. 

That is why it is important for you to remember yourself as an equal part of Source or the Universe, as a co-creator of your reality in a divine partnership that exists to enable your reconnection to your divine beginning. You are so powerful that you create with every thought and word — what are you creating in this moment? Are you aware of what you are asking for?

It is also important, at this time, for you to understand how you created what you see as difficulties in your life so that you can alter the beliefs and perceptions that are the foundation for those situations. If you do not take this step, then each new reality will reflect these beliefs, until you change them.

Miracles are not a process through which the Universe creates something that you never dreamed to be possible. The Universe does not create miracles for you—you create them for yourselves by shifting energy and allowing for different perceptions of your reality. They reflect your faith and trust, a moment when you intend a new reality into being, without fear, expectations or judgment.  You can only receive that which you ask for, believe you deserve, and know exists in your field of possibilities.

As you manifest your reality remember that it is created from your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and words. Help is always available to you once you understand that the Universe works with you to create miracles in your life and problems are fixed when you understand their source (which is you), acknowledge their lessons and the information that they have for you, and are willing to create a solution that reflects a higher level of understanding and self love."

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