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Some Chemtrails are Still Visible, But Harmless - Steve Beckow on November 25, 2013

"I know that chemtrails are a continuing source of concern for many people so let me review what has been said on that subject. In Nov. 2012, Matthew Ward assured us:
“While [galactic] passengers and crews have been waiting to land and work with you on site, all along they have been helping from the skies.  … They … have been reducing the toxicity in weaponry, industrial waste, stored nuclear waste, chemtrails, and other pollutants in inland and ocean waters.”   And a year later, he said again that these civilizations were removing chemtrails from the air on a continuing basis.

“Crews in your skies, who are there by the thousands and thousands, are using their technologies to reduce as much as possible the radiation from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors, and they rendered less harmful to marine life the oil that kept gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. They are ameliorating the toxic effects of weaponry and other pollutants, and a civilization appearing as cloud formations is leading the way in cleansing Earth’s atmosphere.” 

Who are some of these galactic beings who are directly removing the pollution from our atmosphere? Suzy Ward channeled one of them, a formless being who chose the name “Prometheus” to go by, from a planet in the constellation of Orion.
Before you chuckle at their description of themselves, perhaps recall that many starseeds here to help with Ascension are also formless beings, outside this wet suit we’re wearing for the moment.  Remember Sue Lie’s humorous remark that the Arcturian High Council does not sit in chairs when they meet? They don’t because they too are formless beings.

“We are among these lighted beings and are the forefathers of some of your own human selves. We are from a planetary system in a constellation named Orion. There is no individual aspect of our civilization, but there is perfect harmony in the rhythmic motion of our searching ever toward the light.  “We have evolved into the needlessness of physical bodies, and our advancements in intelligence and spiritual truth-knowing has enabled us to materialize in thin strata formations that represent the cumulative soul essence and minds of billions of souls.

“We understand that it is difficult for you to think of intelligent beings as odd cloud formations, yet we are in this appearance of proximity to Earth to exert the force required for maximum assistance. We are one of the civilizations working on behalf of your physical survival, which is one of the most important aspects of what you call ‘the cleansing.’  “Please remember that only a few such as yourself, who are anticipating otherworld helpers, will see anything other than frequent cloud formations in unusual configurations. The clouds will be your stratus-cirrus variety with ‘puffs’ where an energy vortex is required to lessen the intensity of pollution from the chemicals and other toxins in your soil, water and atmosphere.” 

Wes Annac made two videos showing the removal of the active ingredients in chemtrails in Sept. 2012."      forts.

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