onsdag 20. november 2013

In honour of Mr. Nelson Mandela and in respect of their First People – the KhoiSan

Since Oneness is the golden thread that runs through and connects all of Life, it is part of all cultures and traditions and at the core of all worldviews and religions.

Even if you are not from Africa, you would have heard people speak about uBuntu. As a matter of fact, more and more people, organisations and institutions are speaking about it, studying it and applying it. It is indeed one of humanity’s most respected, comprehensive and ancient expressions of Oneness: ‘I Am because We Are.’ And while uBuntu points to the Sacred inextricable inter-relatedness, inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of all of Life, the word itself also confirms Life as a Process of Becoming, with Ubu standing for ‘Be-coming’, and the African root-word ntu meaning ‘Highest Being/Potential.’

Apart from making sure that uBuntu is respected, reclaimed and lived for all that it is in their own country and Africa as a whole, Humanity’s Team South Africa also plays a leading role in taking uBuntu to the Global Stage as Africa’s Gift of Oneness to the world as part of the Humanity’s Team Call to the United Nations for a Global Oneness Day.

This year, as part of their increased uBuntu efforts Humanity’s Team South Africa proudly launched their Walk for an uBuntu Conscious South Africa – I Am because We Are initiative on Sunday 29 September in partnership with Freedom Park as the highlight of National Heritage Month in South Africa. This event will be repeated annually as part of their uBuntu Month (July)  programs and activities.

The initiative is guided by three elements: Heart, uBuntu Vision, and the uBuntu Torch. The Heart is the symbol for Love, Openness and Oneness, while the uBuntu Vision and the Torch are both symbols for Consciousness, Light, our Highest Being and our Highest Potential.

uBuntu Vision 
I Am because We Are

With our eyes sharply focused on our magnificent essence we see the open heart of the people of South Africa, all of humanity and the whole world as one unitive beating impulse. We are coming home to peace and prosperity for everyone. We are coming home to the love, gentleness, kindness, honesty and trust, respect, consideration and cooperation, abundance, true community, and the happiness and fulfilment of our uBuntu and our Oneness. We see our-self, ‘the other,’ and all of Life in a new Light and uBuntu and our Oneness as the eternal Vision for our country and the whole world. ~ Humanity’s Team South Africa~

Five hundred people joined in on the walk that was led by the KhoiSan Leaders carrying the uBuntu Torch that was passed on to the youth-leaders Frederick Bohasu and Anushka Singh and from them to the representatives of the eleven official language groups of South Africa.

The event had many historical qualities including the fact that the launch of this uBuntu initiative was held in honour of Mr Nelson Mandela and the fact that this was the first ever South African National event that was held in respect and recognition of the KhoiSan - their symbols and Creation Story - under the banner of uBuntu.

A copy of the uBuntu Vision was received on behalf of Mr Nelson Mandela by the CEO of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory. Copies were also handed over to the youth-leaders, leaders of the KhoiSan, African Praise Singer Modjadji M Modjadji and Dr Johann Broodryk – first person to have obtained his doctoral degree in uBuntu in the early 1990’s.

Apart from the walk people also had the opportunity to participate in other uBuntu activities such as the painting of their image of uBuntu on a group-cloth and hanging their uBuntu Visions on a tree. All of this was completed with vibrant live cultural entertainment that included our Divas Vicky Sampson and Yvonne Chaka Chaka. And many signatures were collected for the Global Oneness Declaration!

As always, this Humanity’s Team event was a dream come true… filled with the rhythm, sounds and colours of our beautiful country, continent, and humanity! The success of and the response to the launch of this important initiative is undoubtedly evidence of an idea whose time has come!

Top of the list of the aims of this initiative is the dream that I Am because We Are is alive in every heart, that it is heard coming from the lips and seen in every action of every citizen of South Africa and the Whole world.

Looking forward to be Walking for an uBuntu/Oneness Conscious World – I Am because We Are - We Are All One - in the nearest future possible!
One Love,

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