torsdag 7. november 2013

Blue Dragon Journal - November 6, 2013

"Good morning.  Time to stretch and consider what to do next.  In Aisha’s last offering, the Constant Companions suggest that we let go and be as little children. I remember what fun we had in creating our own little worlds, working freely with what we had and making up those things we didn’t have.

Can anyone remember their dreams of late?  I always seem to be carrying something like I’m going on a trip. Last night, I had a backpack on and I was with friends. We were having fun.

It is becoming apparent to me that we need to leave all the trappings of 3D behind, our titles (if any), our conditioning, beliefs and notions, especially those that tell us we are less than, not worthy, should do this or that in order to achieve; everything that has been designed by us or accepted by us in order to limit imagination. Our dreams and imaginations are key to proceeding with grace and joy into a new world. Now is not the time for limitation. Now is a time to let go, allow your imagination to soar and be like a child at play.

Not childish, not selfish (it’s MINE, not yours)… everyone on this journey has enough, more than enough… in fact, our cups are currently overfilled if you’re feeling anything like me, a bit squashed by the energies.  Still, let go of the expectations, of yourself and of others, especially the latter, as much as you can. If you are like me and still work and function (somewhat) within an older system, know that system will not be around for much longer. It will change, from the inside out. It may not be entirely destroyed, but it will change. Why?  Because the people within the system and from without will demand changes.

Seek within for the kingdom of God. Those were the words of Jesus in the New Testament.  The kingdom has always existed within and around us; it’s just that our “eyes” were closed to it and the possibilities that it contains. We are there already; we just have to acknowledge that fact. We also need to do something that is really scary to some people and that is to acknowledge that we are BIG.

Perhaps it is a remnant of old soul and collective memories of shame and self-hatred that linger from the fall of Atlantis that would drive us to deny our power. And we’ve been taught to believe that power corrupts, that having power will get you into trouble … Just remember who taught you those things. The very people who wanted to keep you powerless and stripped of your potential so you would be malleable and obedient slaves. Public schools were designed to mold people into obedient citizens, not to think for themselves.

However, thinking as we know it doesn’t really enter into the picture now at least in the beginning. Right now, we need to let go the ego (not destroy or deny it) and allow imagination and our native genius to be given rein. As you recover from the impact of the latest celestial and solar show, be kind to yourself, sit down and play. Or dance. Or sing. Or go on a walk. Take a camera or a sketchpad and pause to look at things. Allow your eyes to lose their focus for a minute or two. Can you now see the aura around trees or the air around you dance?

Release the need to plan and go with the flow, perhaps for short periods as your present life allows. And as you gain in confidence, add a little more. And you can change directions when and if you want. Remember, there are no more limits. Dare to dream. Dare to be who you really are or want to be, step by step.

Blessings and bright stars.  I didn’t really expect to write so much this morning, but here it is.  No expectation, just allowing my creativity to flow forth as yours will, too."


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