onsdag 20. november 2013


Pepper Lewis skriver om "Life After Channeling: The Journey Continues"

"What about Gaia? Gaia is the sentient awareness of this planet, which includes care, concern and a certain amount of responsibility for all that is earth related. Gaia’s words and wisdom existed long before I brought them to public awareness. One day, in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake, a frightened, angry and lonely voice within me summoned her and she came, just as she would (or has) to you. A bond was forged and nothing will ever change that. Gaia’s wisdom has helped us to perceive our selves and our relationship to the earth differently. We are one and the same in Gaia, made of the same substance and energy, never separate or apart.
Over the years I have smiled at rumors that suggested Gaia was leaving the planet after being been fed up with humanity’s failure to progress. Really??? I giggled when I heard that Gaia would be fired and replaced by a more experienced and less tolerant sentience. New rumors surface almost all the time – Gaia took away the honeybees, global warming is Gaia’s way of getting back at humanity for being poor stewards of the earth, and even this one – Gaia is going to decide who gets to keep nuclear weapons and who doesn’t. Statements and rumors of this kind eventually find their way to me for confirmation, denial or rebuttal. In the beginning I did just that, believing it was my duty to do so, but as they were never ending I eventually decided that I was not a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Gaia. This grand lady planet can take care of herself!
Will there be another channel for Gaia? It is my understanding that there will not. Gaia’s wisdom is a unique mix of nature’s remedies, elemental mysticism, sage advice, and a mother’s understanding of the difficulties associated with being human. The messages I channeled were collectively attuned to the strides we have been making and the upward swing we are now on. Communication with Gaia is all around us. Your own will and authority easily attract her words and wisdom to you. Wouldn’t you like to have your own relationship with Gaia instead of having someone else re-interpret what you can already receive on your own? Even as I write this, I am reminded of a saying that goes something like, “opportunity knocks, but opportunists rarely do”. In other words, there is a very good likelihood that you will soon hear that this person or that channel is the newest or next version of Gaia. An unfortunate attribute of the end-times of our beloved New Age is that those who do not merit our trust sometimes assume it anyway; a charismatic speaker does not a teacher make.
But seriously, there is something I want you to know: These many years have generated a vast legacy of words and wisdom, specific guidance and information, instructions for happiness and wellbeing, descriptions of present and future technologies – pearls of pure and perfect knowledge. I call this, The Gaian Library, and its care, use and protection is our responsibility. Knowledge is all too easily lost and misplaced. We have done this throughout history only to work at piecing great works back together centuries later. Sometimes careless, sometimes ignorant, our busy minds quickly move on to the next new thing, overlooking great works and our selves in the process."

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