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Manifesting Celebration. Oneness. Bliss. Through Unity Consciousness. A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 18, 2013.

En fantastisk hyggelig og etterlengtet melding, som jeg med stor glede tilbyr leserne!

"We are standing inside a portal beginning with the Full Moon and moving into an Equinox. We have just exited back to back Star of Davids where the Heavens were activating all hearts on Earth. When two grand triangles meet in the Heavens it is a period where Heaven is moving closer to Earth. The Cosmos is moving through the Portals which manifest the end of darkness on Earth. It is likened to a kaleidoscope turning to reveal a certain pattern in space and time. When we open our hearts and envision a better world for ourselves and others, we can manifest our dreams on Earth: Love, Peace, Beauty, Abundance and Joy.

In July and August we were together traveling through these mulitdimensional portals anchoring in the manifestation of a more ecstatic and joyful life on Earth. September sees it coming into Form on Earth.

The Stages of Understanding

In the last many months so many more have had the Higher Truths float into their consciousness. Sharing together without borders online has done the job. Still there are great disparities between a Souls understanding. The factors playing into this are number of lifetimes on Earth, karma, heart opening, conscious awareness and inner development.

When we watch a newborn around the clock and assist it to eat and watch it sleep about 20 hours a day we see it grow gradually. At two we help it walk and run which it could not do a few months before. We put the young one into pre-school and then school and on until later it is ready for post graduate studies. We see this as layers of normal development for Humanity. Spiritually speaking the same is true. The problem we must deal with is that not everyone has cleared their stuff to the moment which is required to bring Abundance to Earth. We can deal with this quickly and move through this weekend coming out on the other side of these energies changed. We can greet Abundance on Earth in a matter of days when these prerequisites are met.

The challenge we are facing is a large number of newly awakened, toddlers and pre schoolers unsure how to navigate alone. They have tipped the scales as they are awakened and aware. They have issues with fears just like any small child. This is a part of normal development. As we move up we understand more about our World and fears fall away.

Fear About Money Keeps the Event just an arms length away.

There are only two items which must ever be addressed on Earth. The immediate and the Infinite. This causes a feeling of living in two worlds. We are awake we are aware of our Earth personality Self and simultaneously recognize our Highest Self as Co-Creators. It can be a challenge to deal with the fears associated with money especially. There are almost 42 million people in the United States in poverty. There are over 3 billion people worldwide in poverty. The banks are dissolving and the Sheriff comes to the door to take over our possessions and throw us out of our homes. Hunger, Powerlessness, Constant Worry, Months of Lack and Fear build and even the most advanced Souls are challenged to remain the same.

The immediate needs of earning money, paying the house note, keeping the car running, bringing in enough food consistently are a huge barrier to changing everything on Earth. We all know we are Infinite Beings and yet it is difficult to remain in that knowing throughout each day. This imbalance holds Earth to scarcity and want. It holds the Ego Mind in the driver seat fighting for the body to stay fed, warm and safe. It holds Earth Humanity to animal instincts and impedes the enactment of NESARA Law. We can change this. We can do this together. We can do it quickly. This is a Clarion Call from the Lords Most High inviting you to behave like the Co-Creator God you are. Know your immediate needs are met. Know you are an Infinite Being. Stay in that Knowing day in and day out. This will make all the difference when we do this together. It takes a little Faith and Trust.

Disclosure First Contact

Disclosure will happen when President Obama stands before you and says the governments on Earth have engaged with Extraterrestrials and used Extraterrestrial technologies for decades. We will begin to forgive those who hid the Truth when they were not sure what else to do in the face of such stark realities. We will begin to forgive those who moved ahead to weaponize space and never asked us to join in the decision. Whether for greed, love of war, or fear - we will all forgive them now. We will begin to reunite with our Galactic Family and no one will experience fear once all is explained. The news will come out in every language, over the computer, the radio, tv and simultaneously.


Everyone on Earth will take a vacation day. Even the firefighters and nurses who report for work will be bored and watching the Announcements on tv with everyone there. Changeover, Zero Point Energy and World Peace will be part of the Announcements. Lady Master Nada will take the podium to publicly Announce NESARA Law.

The Enactment of NESARA Law

With NESARA Law publicly announced all the elected officials in all the governments will step down from their posts. Election campaigns will happen a few months later after everything is sorted out. Around 470 United States Congress Members will be arrested along with the bankers, judges, politicians, police, media and any and all who participated willfully in holding up NESARA Law. There will be hundreds of thousands of seals broken on indictments waiting to be served moments after the enactment of NESARA Law. The reparations that are for everyone on Earth and the humanitarian funds will be explained during these first few days.

Reuniting With Your Twin Flame

Some people will be reuniting with their Twin Flames immediately. Those who are ready and have prepared themselves will be joined with their Twin Flame to begin the work of healing Earth and all on Her. What will we expect after the Event? An Orgasm in the Heart. This is the most amazing feeling that stays with you for days. Your head is thrust back by a force and there are these contractions that flow in the rings up the neck and then contractions in the jaw and the tongue and lips become instantly numb and breathlessly you say to your Twin Flame: What was that? They say, with a wry smile - You Just Had An Orgasm In Your Heart. Once you remember then you never forget again. The love, joy, bliss and peace that can be experienced on Higher Levels will be abundantly available to everyone. We will get down to the work of healing the sick and feeding the hungry, giving free energy to all and housing the homeless.

How do you know who your Twin Flame is? This is where the Inner Work comes in. You work on your own remembering of yourself and this magnetizes your Twin, the other half of you becoming Whole. As you embrace who you are and become your best you literally magnetize your Twin Flame to you even if they are on the other side of the world. Even if they are on the Ships. If you are in a relationship with someone who is not your Twin Flame, eventually you both will long to be single and free to pursue the Twin Flame relationship. Some will prefer to remain celibate on their Mission.

Integrating Christ Consciousness

As we pass through this most auspicious energy focus your thoughts on integrating Christ Consciousness into your Being. Push yourself. Each new day add one or two new activities that bring you Higher. An Enlightened Being engages only in certain activities. The list is very different for each individual Soul. The list is short. It is about having a pure mind, pure body and pure heart. It is about devoting everything to helping others. It is about doing whatever it takes no matter how hard it becomes. It is about Being Galactic. Integrate Christ Consciousness into your Being. Integrate NESARA into your World. Do It Now! We will do it together, and we will do it with love. This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 17, 2013."

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