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The Way Of The Starseed July 1, 2013

"For those “Lightworkers” claiming that humans are sheeple! sorry but you aren’t the only one who is illuminated, whatever you claim to be,: starseed, lightworker, angel etc…humans are the exact same thing and came here to do the exact same thing, what was our role? the same role it was thousands of years ago…to assist in the spiritual/physical awakening to the divine awareness within themselves/ourselves. What is a starseed? a starseed is someone who has come here with a mission, someone who volunteered to assist Gaia, someone who is aware of their celestial heritage, someone who comes from the stars…we ALL come from the stars, everyone on this planet who breathes, we were all seeded by material from the stars above and incubated in the womb waters of our precious host mother Gaia..When we look up to the skies and gaze lovingly at the stars above we are in essence gazing at ourselves. Even if we do not see it when we look in the mirror we are shining just as bright as the stars in the night sky because we ARE the stars that shine so bright, every man, woman, child, plant and animal in our world is galactic in nature. We are extraterrestrials to our own planet, our planet herself is also a starseed, everything originates from the starry infinite expanse of the heavens above.

So the question, am I a starseed? is kind of moot, rather the question asked should be, am I living my role as a starseed? I am informed, I am given the gift of Gnosis, of remembering, am I putting this gift to good use? am I shining the light that I AM? am I helping other stars to shine as well? what about the stars who have burned out? am I helping to reignite their light? when you ask yourselves these questions be aware that it applies not only to your fellow human starlights but also to Gaia herself as a whole for she is the most precious and most radiant of lights that we live on, but also to our furry brothers and sisters as well the insects and fish etc. As starseeds we should always be mindful of every single sentient life…every single sentient life even to the most microscopic was sent here/volunteered to do a mission, a mission of love and all of us, every single sentient being that we share this precious planet with has been equipped with a time to awaken to their mission.

We may not see the mission of a simple ant apart from what they do in their natural environment but I assure you life is not without purpose and this applies to ALL lifeforms, therefor know that humans aren’t sheeple or dumbed down or dumb humans or anything of the sort…if they don’t remember or aren’t aware yet it’s because it just isn’t their time or they are in need of a little assistance, a nudge of sorts and that is where we come in, the awakened/illuminated stars who are lighting up the night…when we look up to the night sky naturally we are drawn to the most beautiful and brightest shining stars, starseeds work in much the same way…people are drawn to our light because it stirs something inside of them. They are drawn to look into the mirror that we are, for when they look in to our light they recognize the light within themselves just as we starseeds recognize ourselves in the stars in the night sky. So really what IS a starseed? a starseed is a celestial humanoid or other celestial being who understands and remembers their spiritual connection to all sentient life in the multiverse and beyond and their responsibility to all it is connected to, it is the wisdom of knowing that we all share existence together as ONE and that we are all responsible for the light we emanate, we understand life has a purpose and we are the protectors and guardians of it.

Even if our lights are dimmed for a time it doesn’t mean we are more or less a starseed than anyone else, we won’t always shine bright, there are times when we as stars will be eclipsed by darkness, our lights will be dimmed but it is still always there, we may one day remember again how to reignite that spark within ourselves which will lead us down the path of enlightenment (Illumination), but sometimes we may need a little assistance and this is what we are to humanity, simply look at the revolution in our world, what do you think is happening here? I am sure many of you have heard the theory that Earth will soon transform into a star…this is somewhat correct, she will…however it is more than what many understand…Earth will be transforming into a star from the light within her…which is us. The more and more humanity awakens the brighter each individual will shine and our collective lights will then illuminate the planet as a whole. Some of you aren’t able to see a planet alight with life, illuminated from the awakened and activated life within that planet. It is such a beautiful sight, the planet is set aglow like nothing you’ve ever seen, this light can not be seen with the naked eye but with the higher dimensional eyesight and it is incredibly beautiful, we are like cells in our planet which contains/stores data…information, in other words light but not all of her cells are lit up right now but many are and many more are awakening to their light and the day when all the cells are alight is the day when the basic ascension process will be complete. And it is happening right now as we speak, step by step.

It’s not an easy process but we are pulling through…we will stumble and fall as we learn to walk but eventually we will walk and run and hope and skip and jump! lol… I say hold onto your hats everyone…keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, stay calm and follow your heart because if we are stars then our hearts are God..have some patience and give some credit to those who are stumbling about trying to walk and those who are crawling alike, we were there too at one point, just because we know how to walk in this moment doesn’t mean we are better than our siblings who are just now learning how to crawl or walk just like our star brothers and sisters in the heavens aren’t judging that we are still in the phase where we HAVE to learn how to walk simply because they know how to run, hop, skip, jump and so on! if you see a fellow starlight stumbling about don’t point and mock and laugh cause they aren’t aware of the light they carry, instead help them up and guide them to it, light their torch on the path to illumination and slowly help them see the torch they already carry within themselves….when they ask who are you? say I am your friend because in the end the love we hold in our hearts is what will truly make us shine."

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