tirsdag 19. november 2013

Wake up Call ~ Hatonn ~ via Nancy Tate

Today I have some news for you that is to begin the ball rolling, as you sometimes say, in a way that is not only good for all of mankind but for all of existence as well, for what affects mankind affects all of existence. It is amatter of the rest of the story catching up with today’s news in a way that is evident as to its value.

I am Hatonn, and I come this day to give you a peek at what is taking place under the shadows of the government that is in place at this time. I am telling you that there are certain people who are taking leave of their positions in the structured government because they are no longer willing to place their feet in the downward spiral of mankind. They have been seeing for some time that what is presented to the people is not what is taking place in the shadows of the government.

In those shadows are many instances of ill-gotten gains and manipulation by the various ones who seek to gain from their actions. They are the ones who have cast a glow on their actions, yet are far from living that glow. They came into the positions that they have been in through the auspicious of the tremendous influence that certain others have had on their outlook on life. They have been seeing for quite some time that there is nothing in what they have been instructed to do for the people of the country that they think they are serving that benefits them in the long run.

I tell you this right now because though there are many of you who already know it, it has not been brought forward by us in these words as much as it is now time for. It is a matter of the truth coming forward without the fear that has caused so many to keep the secrets and not broadcast the truth to the masses. Now is the time to put it all into a perspective that is going to bring it all to a close. With that closure will come the stepping forward of the ones who have been awaiting their opportunity to step up and take the reigns of working with the people in the establishment of the governing energy that is with the people, not against them. It is a matter of the people finally having their voice in how their lives will benefit from the harmonic working together of those who are in the perspective of ‘one for all and all for one’.

This one this morning felt as she awakened that there was to be something new in her day that would flow forth into the rest of her life. That is what the energy represents these days, dear ones. As you all awaken to the new day, you will find yourselves feeling the same openness come forward from within your beingness. You will find that there is a new feeling of Oneness other than what you have been reading from us. You will realize that the doors to freedom and self-empowerment are now swinging in a way that tells you it is time to take back your rights to live as you desire and intend for your lives and all of humanity. It is a matter of supporting the movement that is upon you and being able to stand in your power without the feeling that you are at risk.

I see in this moment that there is a new dawn breaking that represents the glowing sun of freedom, and that casts it’s light on a new way of life for all of you. It is a matter of walking in your strength and expressing your love for all of existence. The Love that you emanate is the lasting essence of all that takes place from this point on through your total awakening. As you step forth in the next days, weeks and months you will realize that certain energies had to be in place in order to be able to step forth as you will be finding so many are doing. This is the time for the outward movement based on the inward knowing of how things have changed in all avenues of existence.

The threshold is behind you now, so the walk that you do is now unhindered and free for your own voice to be heard. Your actions can now represent what your inner voice is saying. Find your own journey through these times and honor your ability to follow it step by step. We are here beside you every step of the way, loving and supporting you in your new freedom and the expression of who you truly are.

Blessings abound!

Thank you dear Hatonn,
Love, Nancy Tate

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