torsdag 21. november 2013

Ashtar Message

"Yesterday when Bob went outside in the late morning he called me out. There was a huge cloudship in the sky to the east of us. It was very distinct of shape and density. As we watched it, we then directed our gaze to other parts of the sky and saw a few more cloudships of varying sizes. There was no doubt in our minds that they were for real. Also we spoke with friends from NM and others here in the southeastern part of AZ who told us that they too saw many cloudships in the sky. The following is what I received when I tuned in, plus what I will receive now, for I feel there is more to report.

Ashtar: We are here to prepare for a coming event that will be worldwide. It is an event that will stimulate many people to awaken to their knowledge of the fact that we are real and that we are here right now in service to assist them to what they are about to do for themselves and all of humanity. It is a matter of them being at a point in their soul’s mission where they will awaken and move forward in the steps that they have not only agreed to, but also designed on a soul level.

 It is a matter of them being in resistance until the near future in order to keep the purity of what they will be doing in place for the coming event. As they open to their inner knowing they will see that the reason for them staying asleep, as far as what they will awaken to is concerned, was in place for a specific reason.

There are also those on the planet who are already awake and wondering what they are to do next. They have been in what they feel is a limbo state, and yet they know that it is all in keeping with their mission. These ones will also awaken to their next steps and will find that what they had planned for the next few days may very well change, and steer them in a different direction.

There are many of our ships in place around the world, all in preparation for the coming event that I speak of. It is a matter of them corresponding with those I speak of and allowing them to find their own passage into the next step. It may seem to some of you that there are challenges to what you consider your ease of life and the prospect of being in place and ready for your next step is being allowed through the clearing of what could have been an obstacle to doing what is in your destined next steps. Worry not, for as the picture begins to broaden and become clearer it will be obvious what you are in place for.

I now invite all of you who saw our ships yesterday in your skies, with the desire and permission of this one, Nancy, to email her at to let her know that you saw us. If you took pictures and care to share them with her, she will post these communications with her list, and on the website, . We deeply appreciate all of you, no matter how aware you are of our presence, for you are our dear family. We look forward to the reunion we all have with each other in full remembrance of our connection. We are all in this together and as a family we are moving toward the best holiday of freedom that has ever been on this planet and beyond.

I am Ashtar and I say to you, enjoy your day and the days to come, for they are full of promise as are you. Love is the most powerful energy, and is the root of all of Creation."

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