onsdag 20. november 2013


"Channeling often mystifies people. From the outside looking in it can seem exotic and potent, something only gifted or spiritually advanced individuals can access. As special as channeling may seem, it can best be described as a semi-mechanical process that allows our ordinary conscious mind to gracefully yield first to the innocence of the subconscious mind and then to the elegant wisdom of the super-conscious mind. We all have sensory “keys” that can quickly unlock and free our intuition from where it has been sequestered or ignored. The same keys open the storehouses of knowledge that we have been seeking. Good channeling, real channeling, begins here and we can all access it. Just imagine what our world would be like if we were taught this when we were growing up!

Our intuition is like a perfectly designed shuttle bus that travels easily across a bridge or gap that otherwise appears as an impossible divide. Just beyond the place where our ordinary mind thinks it will surely fall into an abyss and dissolve into nothingness, the shuttle suddenly veers left or right altogether avoiding the chasm of destruction. If we choose to, this is where we will encounter spirit guides, teachers and angels. Where we go from here and how we choose to use this awareness is an individual matter. I have taught beginning, intermediate and advanced How to Channel classes around the world with verifiable results. The basic technique is almost always the same, the difference being the intensity of desire that offsets our prevailing fears and beliefs. We tend to think of channeling as a spiritually advanced method of communication, yet my teachers have often described it as rudimentary, akin to children playing telephone with two tin cans connected by a cord or wire. But we can’t help ourselves, we want to see and touch whatever lies beyond the veil, and channeling is one of the ways we do that.

At a certain point channeling no longer held the same appeal for me, it was as if I was beginning to outgrow it. I wanted to know what was further down the road. I wanted to know who our teacher’s teachers were, and what they knew. I became less interested in tomorrows and yesterdays, past lives and future predictions. Curiosity became a mild obsession and eventually I could think of little else. If sacrifices were required, I was willing to make them. When we are very determined nothing can stop us, but that doesn’t mean that our determination will be quickly or easily rewarded."

Pepper Lewis

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