lørdag 23. november 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Summer & Dr. Peebles!

""And now, my dear friends, in this wonderful month, this beautiful journey of expansion of yourself, as you are growing in the divine mother's womb, not having to do much else but hang out and think of the things you really want to bring with you when you leave, it's wonderful. You're getting all your ducks in a row! And so, in this month, in your human life, really, truly, my dear friends, if you can keep yourself stationary in so many ways (in terms of not trying to push the river, not trying to make things happen so quickly, slowing down, pacing yourself to make things move a little faster) you'll find that in this month you can expect the unexpected. Really. Expect the unexpected."

-Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon [excerpt from Part 8 of the Seasons of the Soul, 9-part series, "A Journey into Wholeness," November 2013]

A Giving Thanks Story
By Summer Bacon

It's been a year of many endings and new beginnings. Two days before my daughter's June wedding, my dog Cosmo died, and minutes later was resurrected. He's still going strong, and at the age of 14 can still climb to the summit of Sugarloaf in Sedona (which is not even easy for some humans). I moved out of my Dad's home and into my own place, slowing unpacking decades of memories that have been in storage for the past four years; a joyful and sometimes bittersweet process. Since my mother's passing last year, Daddy is moving on with his life, singing, cooking, and even taking up yoga. Cherished friends have passed away, and wonderful new friendships have been made.

And, when, in one week my daughter and son-in-law moved away to Oregon, and my beloved kitty, Alex went missing, I thought my broken heart would never recover.

Except that God's love is real and constant.

And so, I have prayed. And prayed.

Many years ago when I was complaining about a particularly rough time in my life, wanting to give up, my father said to me, "Summy, what does the Captain of a ship do when he is on very rough seas? Does he give up? No! That's the time when he sails his very best!"

I have learned through the years that it is in our darkest hours that we are called upon to be still and pray. But, so often we don't do it, because when life seems to be falling apart, it can be hard to trust and believe that "this, too, shall pass." However, as Dr. Peebles tells us, when you don't know what to do, do nothing. Have you ever prayed to God for an answer to something, and received nothing as the response? That's God's way of telling us, "Be still. Pray. It's not time." In other words, "please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the pilot has brought the airplane to a full and complete stop at the gate."

That's why I've been taking a lot of baths lately. That's where I can surrender completely, be still, and talk to God and Spirit."  forts.

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