torsdag 7. november 2013

"Time for Self-Reflection" - Thursday, 7th November 2013 – 6th March 2014: Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer - a message from Sarah Varcas

"Today Jupiter begins its annual retrograde journey, this time through the sign of Cancer. The usual enthusiasm and outward thrust of Jupiterian energy turns inward at this point and we may find certain projects and plans slowing down in their development and progress. But this is no cause for alarm. Jupiter retrograde merely slows us down to encourage reflection on our own motivations, the values that underpin the goals we’re pursuing and, in Cancer, the ways in which we look after ourselves and support our own growth and development.

Jupiter will be retrograde until the beginning of March, so we have a good length of time to get our teeth into these questions and their relevance to our lives. On reflection we may find we have been steaming ahead so fast we’ve failed to take account of important factors which need our attention. In a water sign, Jupiter points us towards our emotional life and how we manage and maintain our health and well-being in that area.

There can be such a drive for success in the world today, we can easily get swept up in it without considering our motivation or what is truly best for us at the deepest level. Before we know it we may find ourselves walking a path which takes us further and further from our true self into an inauthentic false self through which we encounter and interact with the world around us. Living from this false self gradually starves our spirit, causing our vitality to drop considerably as a result.

If Jupiter did not stop us once in a while and bid us look inward instead of focusing on the goals out there, we may fail to catch ourselves in this act of obfuscation until it’s too late. But as it is, we now have a few months during which we can do exactly that and come out of it more authentic and vitally alive than before. Which makes a few hold-ups and a general slowing of progress more than worthwhile, because once the pace picks up again it can be all systems go and this time on a corrected course!

Jupiter feels at home in Cancer and whilst it may be asking us a few probing questions in the coming months, it does so with our deepest well-being at heart and with significant respect for what it will take to answer those questions honestly, even to ourselves. For when we consider how we go about looking after ourselves and maintaining our integrity in all we do, we necessarily have to face those places in our lives where we don’t, where we fall short of standards we set ourselves or other people, and fail to live by the wisdom and knowledge that we hold to be true. It can be all too easy to gloss over these, especially if no one else notices, but if we deny them to ourselves we are forever isolating a part of us which needs to be integrated and allowed to grow into all that it could be, not kept small, scared and hidden.

The self-enquiry required by Jupiter retrograde may be uncomfortable at the time but in essence it only liberates, for the more we can acknowledge the twists and turns of our psyche that have got us where we are today, the better able we are to make the path straighter from here on in, walking it with steps of integrity and authenticity, however that looks for each one of us."

Love to everybody.

Sarah Varcas

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