fredag 29. november 2013

Golden Age Messages from the Masters through the founders of the - Ascended Masters Mystery School - November 2013 - Community Consciousness Part II

"A community is in its essence a reflection that is seemingly mirroring the consciousness of others, yet in truth it is mirroring the varied facets of your own being. As you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you, then you become a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine  Love can become the foundation of every soul within every community around the world. You are here to be a living demonstration of your Presence so the Love and Light of the Creator within you can be shared and remembered by all of life. It has taken many centuries for humankind to finally agree that separation from God and from each other is truly a myth and that Oneness with all of life is your everlasting reality.

~ Jeshua and Mother Mary

When you choose to live in your Presence, you become a truly cherished member of your community because you are a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to be living in a constant state of love, joy, peace and gratitude. These frequencies make your heart a powerful magnet for Source that will just naturally and often magically attract into your life the people, the opportunities and the experiences that will fulfill your soul and keep you in total harmony with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for this embodiment. Yet your most profound yearning will always be centered on being one with your God Presence and maintaining that oneness. Then all that is in support of your relationship with your beloved Presence will come to you naturally.

What if your major focus in life was to be so united with the heart of your Presence that joy was your natural state of being and you made others feel good just being around you? How would you begin and end your day? What would your relationships be like and how would you go about living your life? When you choose to be authentically grateful for everything and everyone in your life, you instantly move into a stronger alignment with the joy that is natural to your Presence. This can also assist you in overcoming any constricting emotions like sadness, frustration, guilt, desperation or fear in any form as they simply drop away when you remain focused on living in the authenticity of your Presence.
Perhaps the greatest secret to living in a state of joy is being fully present in the moment and accepting that moment exactly as it is. When you do this, you can instantly access your true Divine nature and stop worrying about the past or the future.

Living in joy is a conscious choice that can be made no matter what your personal circumstances and regardless of what is occurring in the world around you. There is always a blessing or a lesson that is hidden beneath all outer appearances and it is always your choice to uncover those blessings. You always have the option to appreciate something about yourself, about the other people in your life, and about your immediate circumstances.  What you have or don’t have does not determine your happiness regardless of all the advertising that has programmed humanity to believe otherwise. You can always choose to be a fully loving being filled with appreciation, joy and compassion even if your mind may see no reason for you to be happy. Once you are vibrating with the natural joy of your Presence, the Universe will keep bringing you more and more satisfying experiences."    forts.
November 2013

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