onsdag 6. november 2013

Golden Age Messages - from the Masters, through the founders of the Ascended Masters - Mystery School, November 2013 - Community Consciousness Part I

"The spiritual purpose of your life is ultimately to expand God’s Love and Light in a way that will support the Presence that abides within and around every soul. When living Presence-to- Presence becomes more of a reality in your world, many will want to live in heart- centered communities where they can come together to keep accelerating their capacities to live in UnityConsciousness, which is how we all live on the inner planes. Spiritual communities will eventually evolve into larger Cities of Light that will be connecting with other Communities and Cities of Light around the world. Communications in these communities will be focused on speaking out of the quiet unlimited Mind of the Presence rather than out of the limited mind of the ego that is seldom still. As Saint Francis, I and my Beloved Claire lived a great deal of the time in the silence, yet when we did communicate, we were always focused on exchanging only that which would expand the Christ Love and Light that abided within our hearts. We invite you to communicate from the purity of your own Christed Heart so you can expand the Love and Light of Source and co-create your new Golden Age from the consciousness of your Presence."

~ Masters Kuthumi (Saint Francis) and Lady Claire

"Everything you experience and create in your life is the visible manifestation of your own thoughts and feelings. When you are accessing these thoughts and feelings from out of the Great Silence, the qualities of Source through your God Presence are then being sent into a field of consciousness that will naturally be supporting the Divine Love that abides within the depths of every heart.

When you are living as your Presence, the space around you will continually be filled with the glorious essences of God Love and Light, which can then act as an ongoing reminder to others that they can also live and create as their Presence rather than from the old fear-based, duality paradigms of the ego that have been accepted as necessary for survival for so long. The residual debris of misinformation that has been building up within humanity’s consciousness over many thousands of years is now being replaced with totally new potential for creating anew using the Love and Light of Source that has been so greatly expanded on your planet since December of 2012.

You also have the power of your Presence to surround and penetrate the collective consciousness of humanity with the Violet Flame so it can be used to transmute and consume whatever is in the way of living in Unity or Christ Consciousness. Your conscious use of the Violet Flame is greatly appreciated by Saint Germain and he wants you to know that your calls for transformation are much more powerful and effective than you realize.

When you invoke the powers of the Violet Consuming Flame as well as the Gold Ray of Divine Peace, the Opalescent Ray of Divine Grace, and the powerful Diamond Ray of Source, then these frequencies can be used to transmute and transform the energy that
has been supporting all of the misinformation that has been held within the astral domains of both the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
There is a tremendous amount of stress that is actually created on a daily basis from trying to maintain all of the limiting conditions that have kept humanity living in separation and duality for thousands upon thousands of years.

We are delighted to report that there is so much Love and Light of Source coming into your world from the Central Sun of your galaxy that the consciousness of your Presence is starting to come forth more and more to assist you in lifting your consciousness out of the confines of the limiting astral domains of your consciousness. This is allowing the harmonics of your God Presence to support you in living in Unity or Christ Consciousness, and this increased alignment with your Central Sun is also setting into motion the pure sounds, colors and sacred geometries that you can use to create your new Golden Age of Freedom.

With continual awareness and practice you will be able to express yourself with more and more clarity, love and light and all of the qualities of your Presence so that you are constantly adding to the consciousness and health of humanity, your planet Earth, and your co-joined capacities to live Presence-to-Presence. We are inviting you to create and practice communicating with the consciousness of your Presence that will prepare you to live and co-create within Golden Age communities.

To assist you in living Presence to Presence and creating Communities of Light, we in the Ascended Realms are bringing forth the Presence to Presence Course: Living in Unity Consciousness and Creating the Beloved Golden Age Community Teachers Training. We invite you to join us."

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