tirsdag 12. november 2013

What Is The Ego?

"The ego mind is the part of self which directs the physical body. The ego is your biggest obstacle to Enlightenment. Your ego is that part of you which sternly rejects Spiritual Growth. The ego will try hard to keep you from reaching higher levels of consciousness. You will hear it saying to you: “I canʻt do it” “I know this already” “I donʻt have time” “If I take this Path I will be alone” “If I take this Path I have to give up ʻthe Good Things of Lifeʻ”"I will have to become poor, renouncing the World” “There is too much pressure from my loved ones – they donʻt want me to become weird” “Life is good, why do this?” “No need to take Self-Responsibility” “This brings up paralyzing fear and self-judgment” “I have a need to be in complete control.”

The ego mindʻs role in existence is to control the body. The ego is constantly begging for chocolate, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, sleep, escape, and all the lower activities which hold the body in the lower vibrations. The ego holds one in relationships well past their prime. The ego loves to feed on fear. The ego shackles the body in ruts where growth is non-existent. These ruts have been known to last lifetimes.

The egoʻs greatest achievement is holding people in contract with death. In Christian teachings Jesus rose bodily from the dead after three days in the tomb. This should have every Christian Believer anticipate their resurrection from the flesh. In Buddhist teachings The Buddha put himself under years of austerities designed to test his body with starvation, heat and cold extremes, danger and he put himself through feats that should have killed him many times over so he could experience complete mastery over his body. Only after he returned to his family and reentered social living and teaching what he learned did he experience Nirvana – the resurrection from the flesh. Both Masters experienced the Bliss of knowing they are NOT A BODY. Both were under instructions from a Higher Source, God the Father and Brahma. Both Jesus and Buddha conquered their ego and thereby mastered the physical. Both are immortal Beings. We are all immortal once we realize the body need not die. We need only become Masters over our Minds, Body and Spirit.

Dissolving ego means being resurrected from the flesh and coming into full Union – Oneness with Universal Consciousness. Once Enlightenment is obtained One has little or no attachment to the body or how it looks.  One sees the body as a vehicle for communication, so attention to its presentation is motivated by the intent to serve others. One then knows that all energies are attributes of the ONE universal consciousness, or the Divine Play, and not actually personal or unique to any person, so is unable to judge.

Must the Ego Be Completely Dissolved?
Yes. Completely Dissolved. Once One has merged into the Oneness, joined with their Beloved, become One with Divine Grace, they have no need for an ego. The sooner One tackles the challenge of dissolving their own ego, the sooner they will reach the goal. One realizes the essence of Reality as Love.

Why? Whatʻs The Point?
To know the mystery – to know Absolute Truth. In this World we are experiencing an age when the search for truth, reverence for life, the ideal of non-attachment and readiness to Serve without regard for personal advancement seem elusive, if not forgotten.  True teachers and communicators appear from time to time.  They are recognized not only by their words but by the way in which they live- as expression of love and peace, living in harmony with all that surrounds them.  Through their example they show others how they may live life more fully and completely. Be Love. Serve Others. Enjoy Life Completely. Come to the Highest Knowing. That Is The Point."

Keep Your Eyes To The Skies

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