torsdag 28. november 2013

John Smallman – Saul and Jesus - The spiritual evolutionary progress that you have made in such a short time span is truly enormous - 11/10/2013 by John Smallman

"Many on Earth are feeling very unsettled because it seems that what they had been hoping and praying for – peace, harmony, freedom, and abundance for all; a state of Love to embrace all of humanity – is just a chimera, an unachievable hope in a world gone mad.  Well, the world has been mad for eons, and slowly, over all that time, the prayers and intentions of many holy ones has been bringing about an amazing change, a move from a state of insane, fearful, and destructive rage back towards Love, your eternal God-given state.  That is what you are all on Earth to bring about, a return to Love, and you are succeeding despite your doubts and anxieties.  Please focus on the amazing advances that have been made over the last several decades in humanity’s spiritual evolution, as large numbers of you have let go of judgment of unfamiliar cultures, religions, political views, and personal life styles, and moved towards acceptance.

The spiritual evolutionary progress that you have made in such a short time span is truly enormous.  It is a bit like what economists sometimes refer to as “the J curve,” where you have reached a certain level of attainment, in this case in your spiritual evolution, and then it seems that you are pushed down again to lower levels. However, on reaching the bottom of that J curve, which is only a very short way downwards, there is only one way to go, and that is up!  You have truly rounded the bend in the J, so look for the evidence and you will find it, because it is all around you awaiting your recognition.  As you recognize that this truly is what is happening your spirits will rise and then so will the power of your intent and of your Love, and your climb up the stem of the J will accelerate, bringing you to your awakening.

Divine promises have been made to you and they are being honored in every moment.  Your inability to see this, to recognize this is due to the confusion and insanity that was built into the illusion at its inception when the intent was to experience a state of separation.  Part of that sense is due to the concept of linear time – a moment of commencement way in the past, the present, and a future stretching endlessly and perhaps rather fearfully ahead of you, except that your individual death is going to occur at some unforeseen and unexpected moment in that future, maybe very soon indeed!  That is enough to unsettle anyone who has chosen to believe that the illusion – what can be sensed and measured with your physical senses and through instruments developed to enhance those senses – is the only reality.

Everyone, without exception, wants and desires a valid and uplifting reason for living life as a human on Earth.  But many have accepted a culture that dismisses anything that embodied humans cannot physically see, feel, smell, taste, hear, or scientifically measure, despite the fact that science is constantly having to reinvent itself as new information and knowledge knocks out the foundations on which previous “certain and undeniable knowledge” had been precariously built.  Living life wearing blinkers, which is what those attitudes clearly demonstrate, has seemed a much safer way to cope with the boundless uncertainties that keep occurring during a life on Earth.  And to raise one’s hopes by choosing to believe that life is eternal, that it does not cease when the earthly vehicle is laid to rest, is considered foolish and ignorant.  Yet without that knowing, that belief, fear becomes endemic and has to be forcefully denied."   forts.

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