mandag 21. oktober 2013

Your egos are like teenagers - October 19, 2013 - by John Smallman

"All are One, and daily this truth seeps into the conscious awareness of more and more of humanity, as you all – well the vast majority of you – move closer to your awakening.  It is a done deal, you are going to awaken, it is inevitable and nothing can prevent it, so focus on the inner peace and joy that you encounter when you go quietly inwards in relaxation, prayer, or meditation knowing that this is the divine Will for you all.  Doing just that is extremely healing for you and for all with whom you interact.  It is what you came on Earth to do, you can do it beautifully, and that is all that you need to do.  Truly it is very simple.  Focusing on your anxieties and fears is very counter-productive, although they do often seem extremely important as they demand an enormous amount of your attention; just continue practicing letting go of them except when you are dealing directly in the now moment with issues that cause them.

You were created in joy for joy, that is your natural state, and when you focus on what disturbs you or makes you unhappy you are effectively withdrawing from that state.  As you are well aware worrying changes nothing, it just adds to your stress and unhappiness.  Be loving, of yourselves and of others, whatever the situation and refrain from judgment.  If an error has been made forgive it, correct it if possible, and then move back into your peaceful inner space where you allow the thoughts of worry, judgment, and fear that arise to flow past you like the weather, without engaging with them.  It is a bit like going out in the rain, you dress appropriately, take an umbrella, and the rain ceases to be an issue.

Every day you are moving ever closer to the moment for which you have been praying and hoping, and your intent that it happen is bringing it towards you, and because you know that, it makes perfect sense to be joyful, cheerful, and upbeat. Remind yourselves, when you observe the pain and suffering of others in the outside world, that this will pass.  No one is undergoing something that at a deeper level of their being they did not agree to undergo.  If possible offer physical assistance or comfort to any in your vicinity who are in need, hold them in your hearts compassionately while lovingly intending for them, and for every other human apparently caught in painful or catastrophic situations, to pass quickly and easily through their suffering, and onwards towards their awakening.

Awakening, as every channeled message is telling you, is your purpose, and not yours alone, but the purpose of every human everywhere on Earth.  I cannot stress strongly enough that fact and the divine truth of the Oneness of all that exists.  The sense of separateness that you experience as humans is illusory, no matter how real it appears to you, and the more you involve yourselves daily in the mundane activities and thought processes that seem to be so essential for your earthly well-being the more difficult it is for you to access your quiet inner space where you are always connected to your Source.  It is from there that you can get a sense of that Oneness, of your connectedness to one another and to your Source that will uplift and inspire you, because that is how you access the field of divine Love in which you are eternally enveloped, and by which you are embraced."   forts.

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