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Appropriate balance in dealing with masters and peoples' divinity - 30 October 2013 - Channeler: Brian, the dragon

Hi everyone,

"This is the dragon. To say humanity shifts between polarities trying to find the balance in the center is an understatement. For in the center, there is god-all-that-is. That is your home. The realities of polarities are designed to allow god to learn what it is to not be god. You are all from god-all-that-is. In other words, your souls are all angelic in origin. Even on your first incarnation in this world, your souls carried all the attributes of mastery. You just couldn't stuff it all into a human body. So you had to leave some of it behind.

Throughout your current recorded history, there are those that seemed to bring more of themselves in and ascended. Some of you call these beings masters, and say they have ascended. Though that is a misnomer, since everyone is a master whereas what you typically call masters are group souls, expressions of a collective, in a sense to uplift and often times they ascend because it's natural. However, we will use that term, for now. They are not just spiritual masters. There have also been savants and prodigies. People like great musicians, thinkers. You don't call them masters because they don't ascend, but they are set up very similarly. The effort that it took to bring these beings forth, and it was done whenever possible, was immense. What you don't see, for instance, with whom you call the Jesus, was all the souls that incarnated around the Jesus to help anchor the Christ energy. Those were evolved souls, and the "first time around", there was no Jesus. They lived through that time and were making the space for the Jesus and Mary Magdeline, a group soul of the Christed energy. Then when the energies had been shaped in the right way, the Jesus and the Mary Magdeline came in and the previous experience without Jesus and Mary were erased by humanity. It didn't have to be erased, but luckily it was.

The same is true for other masters, both spiritual and otherwise. Greater musicians were surrounded by great musicians. It is no accident they awakened. It's usually an accident if they don't.

But what you call masters tend to only bring a slight bit more of god-all-that-is, relatively speaking. They still have to function in the reality, at least partially. It's just enough that masters tend to stand out both in terms of what they can do, along with quirks they have. Your treatment of masters is typically either that of scorn or that of worship. Jesus was treated in both ways. Other masters in more enlightened societies may be honored and worshiped, but even that is not balanced. You should treat masters exactly as you treat everyone else, and you should treat everyone a lot better than you do. You should be more nurturing of gifts people have.

This is important now. In your present time, you have more masters on Earth than ever in your linear history. Some have ascended in past lives, others haven't. Most have. Either way, it doesn't matter. What matters is the energy they have brought and how you as a society can best utilize it. Right now, you try to fit square pegs in a round hole. That doesn't work. Up to now, many broke down or blocked their gifts. In your present time, you can be quite nasty to each other, and if someone brings in gifts, you tend to be nastier. All people, whether you call them masters or not, whether they seem to have gifts or not, are sensitive. You really need to be more nurturing as a society.

In the time of empowerment, you as a society need to figure out how to still teach people the survival mechanisms people need to survive in 3d, but without squashing the divinity they bring. This goes for those you call masters, and non-masters alike. Your society needs to learn balance, and that is what it needs to teach young people. Then let them bring out their gifts and don't suppress them. This is much better than beating people over the head with a hammer if they don't "fit the mold".

All of you carry gifts. Some of you are aware of the gifts you carry. Others aren't.

So this is less a message about treatment of masters than this is a message about treatment of all people, all of whom bring in a piece of the divine, and more so and in increasing ways now than every before. This is a message about attaining balance in how you relate to each other. It's a message in how to foster gifts versus attacking and suppressing them."

With love,
The dragon

Appropriate balance in dealing with masters and peoples' divinity

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