lørdag 12. oktober 2013

Photon Energy: Healing Energy for Mother Earth & Humanity

KIRAEL:  "Photon Energy is the new energy of the new era, the fourth dimension. Mother Earth has requested the aid of photon energy to heal herself from humanity's runaway environmental savagery and to ascend into the new energy. Photon energy is unlike anything you have ever seen, heard of, or been a part of. 

This new energy vibrates at a much higher frequency than Earth, and it has powers to heal, align, and change things. It can extend human life because its molecular structure realigns the human body into a lightbody. Photon energy is light energy, and it moves through every galaxy at one point or another. The Great Shift is the evolution of Mother Earth and her inhabitants into the photon energy. 

Photon energy permeates anything that comes into its path. It is already permeating the Earth plane. The outer edge or belt of the photon energy has already reached Earth's atmosphere and is affecting not only Earth, but many planetary systems around Earth. 

It offers independence from fossil fuels and nobody can monopolize this energy. It is a free energy source that anyone will be able to harness, and it will meet all of your power needs after the Shift. It has been used in major shifts to bring energy to a system that can no longer operate on its current energy. 

Since photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency, it confers the power of instant manifestation of thought, which means whatever you think, you create instantly. Therefore, it is essential to maintain clarity and purity of thought through meditation and being in the "now." Those in the process of change and transformation will quickly adapt to photon energy. It is a healing energy for the highest good of all. 

Earth's solar system is within the outer edge of the Photon Belt. It will take approximately three days for Earth to pass through the outer rim, which will produce the "three days of darkness" described in the book, Kirael: The Great Shift. Inside the photon energy field, Earth will experience constant daylight. 

The actual entrance into the photon energy belt is directly influenced by the rate of spiritual awakening of Earth's population. Humanity's awakening to the tragic plight of Mother Earth can and will influence this time factor. Mother Earth is sending a message to humanity to pay attention to Mother Earth. She is calling for an adjustment because of the incoming photon energy. When she calls for an adjustment, essentially she is re-aligning herself. Photon energy is the brother of Mother Earth. 

At this time, the entrance into the Belt is planned soon after the [most recent] turn of the century, yet the exact date depends on humanity's positive thought and response to Mother Earth's messages. It is estimated that Mother Earth will stay in the photon energy field for the next 2,000 years." 

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