torsdag 3. oktober 2013

Archangeloi of the Elohim ~ Birth of the Human Angels Upon Planet Earth ~ Karen Doonan

Nå begynner menneskenes nye måte å leve på!  Det skal bli spennende å følge med på hva og hvilke endringer som er nødvendige i den anledning.  Jeg gleder meg til alt nytt vi får bli kjent med.  Lykke til alle sammen!

"Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the energies prepare for a new way of living and a new way of BEing to be birthed physically upon and within planet earth. We come to explain in detail that which will now unfold and help those of you who have chosen a human form to fully understand the reasons for your incarnation onto and within this planet and the reasons for the shift in your energy signature. It is not TRUTH to state that ALL who are incarnate into human form at this time on planet earth are star seeds, indeed many are but many are other life forms that have incarnated into human form in order to help human consciousness evolve and in order to help the races/realms at this time as they prepare to remember who they are in TRUTH.

We wish to guide on the incarnated human angels to use a very human phrase. These are energies who have incarnated into human form but hold the frequency and vibration of the angelic realms. These energies in human form have undergone much trauma and much “training” in human suffering, providing respite to those around them merely with their energy signature. We call to the incarnate human angels at this time and we ask for you to remember your origins and to remember your reason for incarnation at this time on this planet. Human angels have helped humanity for aeons but massive numbers chose to incarnate upon and within planet earth knowing that this moment would arrive for humanity and we send much love and many blessings to them at this time.

We place the codings of 333 and 444 within their waking vision and we ask for them to rise to their full frequency at this time. Energetic changes to the cellular structure of their human vehicles will see this group of energies come to the fore at this time. They may take on forms that cover many roles within human society and may well appear to be hidden in plain view. An incarnate angel will work with humanity at ALL levels at this time in order to help further release the suffering that is endured by the release and dissolving of the 3d earth frequencies. The angelic realms work closely with their children in their human form at this time, indeed many of you who are incarnate human angels may be experiencing very vivid dreamtime and very close connections and experiences with angelic energies. This will now INCREASE beloved ones for the time is NOW. The reason for your incarnation into human form is NOW, we cannot underline this enough at this time.

We send the call out to the platinum and blue ray energies and ask for them to make their presence known amongst their kin and to begin the recoding of the energetic signatures of their children in human form. This recoding may be experienced as extreme fatigue, tiredness and heightened connections to guides, SOUL knowledge and sacred geometry. We understand that our words at human conscious waking mind level may invoke a very logical reaction, sacred geometrical shapes are the building blocks of this universe, the angelic energies incarnate into human form are now working with this on ALL levels of their BEing and this will now increase dramatically."    forts.

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