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SaLuSa 04. 10. 2013 - Channeller: MADAD

"We know you already felt those blissful moments of being fearless and looking straight into your higher reality. What is now happening to all those that wish to be in their higher reality in this moment of the Now is, that you will permanently feel this bliss and freedom from all of the illusion, because you are releasing the last drops of that what once flowed into your beings as river of endless fear and doubts. 

We feel that there are no more fears inside of you and when you clear these little fragments of old memories and thoughts, that still sometimes show up, your consciousness will take you within that moment into your new reality. This experience will be so powerful and you will keep the memory of it for many more lifetimes to come. Focus on this experience and do feel assured that you are able to make this transition with ease, as you are very well prepared. 

There were many plans of how we could best assist you, and we were sharing them with you and although some of them needed to be changed due to your collective wish, this transformation of those who are ready cannot be changed or stopped, because it is your own choice and we have already adjusted our plans and included you within them.    

This cooperation and connection between us was always behind all of our plans, as we are respecting your free will and in spite of the fact that many people still not accepting our presence and our intentions, those who are ready and prepared to be with us cannot be held back, as the nature of their experiences and choice made before this incarnation are vital in this whole process of Ascension. 

And with stepping into their higher reality, they will be able to share so much more of Light and Love with all others and they will enable this process to be a lot easier for others, due to sharing of their very own knowledge with collective consciousness of all the Humanity. We hear you asking how you will share your experiences with others and how will the connection work from your higher state of consciousness to the lower one.

We do not want to get into the details, as this is part of your amazing experiences which you have to go through and each one of you will have hers/his own, but we can let you know that exchange of information will all be happening as energy transfer within your consciousness and you as Being of Light will be able to send it and receive it according to your needs.   

Your movement into higher reality will immensely help all of the changes that are happening, as more and more people will be influenced with energy of Love and Light and will realize that they do not need to suffer under the fear and doubts of their existence and will find peaceful and loving experiences more easily and more easily they will let go of the old, previous state of mind. This influence will also help to spread more truthful information from all sources, as all people will start to feel that there is so much more to the life experience and existence than the current media are spreading as the whole truth. 

They will understand that feelings and energies that are within their bodies are carrying all that is necessary for creating a happy living and they will turn away from illusion, which will be no longer satisfying. Some will want to stay in lower vibrations and nothing will change their intention, and we all need to respect their choice. They will continue to see the lower reality as long as they need.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are enjoying these moments, as we know that you truly know what is happening to you. There still will be a lot of learning in higher reality, but it will be wonderful experience for all of us. Please feel our welcoming call for all of you and relax again into the calmness of your mind and allow yourself to finish all the necessary preparation with acceptance and loving feeling that endlessly flows through your heart." 

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

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