tirsdag 29. oktober 2013

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild - October 29, 2013

"Blossom: Good morning my friends. You know, I am asked to ask you so many diverse questions … can you explain to me my hesitancy to do so? Sometimes it puts me off beginning the channelling … feeling perhaps I should ask some questions, being blessed to be in this position. Why do I feel so ‘against’ asking these 'deep and meaningfuls' on behalf of others?

The Federation of Light: Greetings to you and all that choose to partake in our offering of Love. We understand the reason behind this matter Blossom and it is because in actual fact we do not consider it our ‘discourse’ to do so … So we would say it is more you picking up on our ‘intent’.

So much that one FEELS they would like to know answers to … they do not need to at this time. We encourage you to BE without the continual search. We are not saying do not search for knowledge … yet we would encourage one to search within.

Our quest is not to be of a question and answer conversation. It is more for us to advise on a way of bringing forth the TRUTH of who you are … Assisting you in recognising your True potential. We do not consider our agenda to be one of ‘giving out information’ that we do not consider necessarily advantageous to the soul … should one know the answer or not. Do you see?

Blossom: Yes ... I personally do not have many questions … As we have discussed before I prefer you to come forth with that which you think appropriate for this particular message in time … so please go ahead. No offence to any one soul who has written in to ask a question … and believe me there are indeed many.

The Federation of Light: No offence at all.  If there was not this means of communication … this marvel of interconnection worldwide … what methods would you have resorted to? For WE KNOW you would have turned inwardly to find your answers … Indeed this network has many many advantages … and yet it takes away quite a bit of soul searching in what we would call ‘The proper way’. For one tends to soul search via another’s words and then becomes very confused as to their own discernment capabilities. Whereas only having ‘the self’ to rely on removes all the ‘mistrusting paraphernalia’ that is sent through your streams of communication.

That is not to say it has few plus points. On the contrary. Yet as you know … much that is TRUTH is disguised by tainted untruths coagulating in the mix and therefore the soul finds itself a little bemused ... not knowing whether something is True or not.

Blossom: (I have just had to close my eyes for five minutes and went deeply ‘out’. I asked what this was and they said ‘We are preparing you for what we are about to say’ … to which my response was  ‘Oh Gawd!’)" forts.

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