søndag 6. oktober 2013

COMET ISON - 6 October 2013 - Channeler: The Great Seal

"Greetings to all and be at peace for all is well in the world. I come to speak truth today and speak LOVE. Now there is much talk about COMET ISON. I would like to shed some light as to what will occur very shortly. There is much FEAR surrounding this comet and I would ask that you please turn away from these thoughts for things are accelerating now and you are creating faster due to certain portals opening on 12/21/12. Now as most of you know your pineal gland absorbs light and DMT is produced when you fall asleep and dream. 

The light of COMET ISON will fully activate your pineal gland for the food and drink you have been eating is in fact poison to your pineal gland and calcifies it. Due to this new light that earth has never experienced before there will be a great change in the consciousness of humanity all at once. Your pineal gland will be fully activated when you look upon this magnificent object that the creator has sent to assist humanity at this time. This is due to the Fukushima disaster in Japan a couple years back. Your leaders have lied to you on just how bad that situation was. 

Your whole earth is now in danger due to radiation and if we do not interfere soon the earth will never be the same and you will suffer the consequences for thousands of years. That is why we have been given the authority to interfere now can you SEE now my dear ones? The time is finally here the EVENT that you have been waiting for so long has finally arrived YOU have manifested it with your thoughts and actions without you even knowing it REJOICE! 

Due to the light of COMET ISON your bodies will be upgraded so to speak in order to cope with this radiated environment you currently inhabit for the radiation from Fukushima is everywhere now and you are slowly dying. But have no FEAR for all is well, the CREATOR has heard your call for help and he is sending LOVE for can you not see that COMET ISON IS LOVE? LOVE is coming back to earth! For the dark ones have been in power for to long and they will not be allowed to harm humans anymore. 

I hope this resonates with you dear one for this is TRUTH.  Take care now for soon you will see us in your skies you will look up and you will be changed in the twinkling of an eye you will be POWERFUL once more no longer POWERLESS for you are POWERFUL BEINGS OF LIGHT. Can you not see that you are the ones you have been waiting for? 

All this will come to pass and more. I know that much chaos seems to be happening in the world at the moment but have NO FEAR for this is just the final gasps of the BEAST dying trying to do anything and everything to hide from the coming LOVE.  But they cannot hide for did they really think they could do this any longer and not be caught? They are SCARED and running can you not sense it? Can you not FEEL their FEAR? 

They know they have lost and do not know what to do they are scrambling on the run like children for that is what they are silly children for they know not what they do. Find it in your HEART to forgive the Dark Ones of there deeds for they are LOST. WIth that I must end this little chat.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. Be at peace for all is well in the world all is happening according to plan do not let the FEAR creep in choose LOVE live in LOVE. Blessings to you all until next time dear ones the time is now."

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