tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013

"Greetings dear ones.  We  bring you  hope and comfort for we know many are suffering in these times of great change.  You are in the process of releasing  old energy from your physical, emotional, and mental levels  which can be and often is uncomfortable and stressful.  Understand that clearing and releasing  has levels to it.  You may think you have cleared  experiences or emotions, and then suddenly there they are again.  Much of this deeper clearing has to do with ancient lives lived within the structure of rites and rituals. The clearing process moves at whatever pace your Higher Self knows you are ready for.  The more profound experiences of your past lives often have deeper levels  which up to now you have buried within and are only recently ready to clear. 

Please do not expect ordinary life to continue as it has in the past because daily living up to now has been based in universal concepts--some good and some bad (duality and separation) most of which are now dissolving.   Nothing is going to remain the same nor can it, although general appearances may still seem unchanged. It is the people as a whole who are choosing to no longer accept the status quo, a sign of spiritual growth.   As the energy frequency of Gaia changes and as you become more enlightened, the higher frequency energy will appear in new and higher ways of doing what you do each day.  You are creators and your state of consciousness will manifest in the outer.  

Everything is spiritual for there is nothing else--One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Consciousness manifesting ITSELF AS...  It has been mankind's ignorance of this and his belief in duality and separation that has  created  the world you have come to know and believe in--one  filled with pairs of opposites. 

Awareness is the goal of the spiritual journey and  is what you  are awakening to now. You are ready.  As  consciousness awakens individually and globally to the truth of being and the error of duality and separation, the outer scene will, must, automatically  change.  Each  realization of truth adds to Universal Light and helps  to dissolve those false appearances created in and of ignorance.  

Let go of everything that no longer serves you dear ones.   Why do you continue to hold to those things, people, places, beliefs  that you no longer resonate with?  Honestly ask yourselves this question.   Many are not even aware that they are doing it, even as their intuition is  prodding them to let go of all that no longer serves their Higher good.   Clinging to ideas and ways of living that you have evolved beyond out of habit or some misplaced loyalty slows  spiritual growth and  keeps you in bondage to the past.  

Where there is an inability to let go, it always involves fear.  Humans have been programmed lifetime after lifetime (and often for good reason) to fear the unknown.   Fear has been a tool used by the power hungry to dominate so the fear of making a mistake is common.  Fear stems from any intense past life experiences and for most remains firmly entrenched within cellular memory (particularly within the root chakra) until consciously released.  Release and clearings  happen in several ways.  It often starts when a students energy level starts to rise through meditation or energy work done by enlightened persons.  Clearings can be general, but  deeper issues must usually come up and be recognized in some way (physically, emotionally, or mentally). All clearings are guided by the Higher Self and a student need never fear that they are not ready for some clearing experience."   forts.


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