lørdag 12. oktober 2013

Use Masterminds of Light in the Valleys

"When the photon energy is low -- in the ones and twos -- people are actually left to fend for themselves. Their energy levels go in the opposite direction. They no longer take any energy for themselves and give their powers away to whomever is holding the highest thought at the time. For example, when the photon energy slips down to a 1.9, the mass consciousness becomes susceptible to a mastermind, yet there is nobody putting anything in it. At these low levels, these are the best times for the Lightworkers to come together and work the masterminds of Light. This is the highest possible reality for the lightworkers within which to maintain their most stringent balance because they are not opposing any negative masterminds from the mass consciousness. At these low levels, this is the place for the lightworkers to come together and intermesh the "light work" so that the mass consciousness can be of the Light, rather than waiting to make a change." 

"As a lightworker, you are better off with the photon energy at a low level. For example, let's say you are working on manifesting something. Pick the lowest energy level that you can find on the chart. It is there you want to amplify your mastermind of manifestation because there is very little stability in the mass consciousness at that point. "Stability" is a key word. With no stability in the mass consciousness, if you have a group of lightworkers that become stable in a mastermind, then you can manifest your mastermind at a much higher and quicker pace." 

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

"I can't emphasize enough to meditate, meditate, meditate. You must understand that it's a state of consciousness that will get you through the Shift. There is no magic pill or anything like that. It is the simplicity of awakening into your heart energy that can take you through the Shift process." 

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