mandag 28. oktober 2013

Golden Age Messages from the Masters through founders at the Ascended Masters Mystery School

"You are all returning home to the Self that is your God Presence. As you continue to awaken into the reality of yourself as this conscious, fully awakened Presence, your perspectives will continue to shift into your Spiritual Heart, which has the tremendous capacity to lovingly embrace all you have ever been and all you have ever created throughout the ages living on Mother Earth with thousands of other souls. These souls represent races you have perhaps never been, yet everyone in your world, and indeed within the cosmos itself, is seeded with the same original Spark of God and that Divine Spark is what makes you family. Many of us within the inner plane Councils of Light come from all over the galaxy and we lived as many different races when we lived upon your Earth, yet we now function as a community of souls born of the Creator and our common purpose is to expand the Love and Light of Source so all of life on your planet can live in Unity Consciousness.

~ The Masters within the Councils of Shamballa

Living as a Community ~ Part II
As you continue to merge with the eternal essence of your Presence, you will find that you have always been one with the Love and Light of Source that abides within the Heart and Mind of the Creator as surely as it abides within you. Your heart is designed to just keep expanding that Source Love and Light until you realize you can embrace all of life exactly as it is and that you are truly ONE with all of life. The idea that you can be separate from God or from each other is a massive illusion that was created by the limited mind of the ego to allow you to see yourself as a unique individual. Of course you are unique, yet the mind misinterpreted this as a need to protect your individuality in ways that eventually created fear, separation, duality thinking and anxiety.

Authentic peace in the environment of the ego became nearly impossible to maintain, yet the Presence abides in peace at all times and it is one of the foundational premises for living in a Golden Age. Please do not let doubt or anxiety distract you from your task of holding the Light within and around the world in the Divine Peace and Love that is truly possibly to manifest and sustain as a permanent condition within your world. Peace is an eternal vibration that is energizing, healing and inspiring to all of life. When you embody peace you are allowing the Creator to literally flow to and from your heart and soul.

Peace isn’t merely found in the silence; it is rather a powerful quality of the Creator that helps to sustain inner balance, harmony and strength within every soul. Peace is the contentment that resides before thought and it has no need to seek wisdom or to fulfill the desires of the ego because the soul recognizes its wholeness in the omnipresence within the peace of the Creator. Peace emerges from a foundation of Divine Love that is pulsating throughout the original Light that is still encoded within the heart, mind and body of every soul. This Divine Love and the peace that is naturally a part of it is what will guide you to live in communities in the days ahead.

When peace is emanating from the fullness of your being, you no longer need to hold onto the ego that is filled with duality thoughts, judgments, fears and doubts. You create instead a space of peace within you that allows for true happiness to radiate forth from your soul. In this internal space of peace, you will naturally be part of a community of souls who are already dedicated to embodying their Presence and to following the highest calling within their heart and soul. Divine Peace is an essence that is available to all to support you in remaining attuned to the harmonious, joy-filled perfection of the Creator. When living from the heart, true peace is present within every thought and action.

Peace and compassion are two of the most powerful attributes of the Presence and they are the foundational qualities of every successful community, beginning with one’s family. The great spiritual power that is needed to create, build and sustain the Source frequencies within a 5th dimensional, Golden Age community will involve the coming together of like-minded, open-hearted souls who share the intention of living and loving solely from the heart of their Presence.

Now is the time to establish the primary frequencies of peace and compassion around your world as this will greatly assist in eliminating fear and pain within the hearts of humanity so that great communities and Cities of Light can be created and activated and you can truly experience yourselves as Divine Beings who are here to live with and as the Creator."

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