fredag 18. oktober 2013

The Dilemma of Change on the 10/18 Eclipse ~ Wanting and Rejecting Change - by Selacia

"Right now as the world continues its roller-coaster ride of change, you may be feeling dizzy or unsettled by the uncertainty that naturally accompanies times of great shifting.

Even though as a divine changemaker you are naturally wired to want change, you may reject it as it arrives on your doorstep. Your rejection may be conscious, like when you see a shift coming and then feel unprepared to handle it, so delay taking action. Other times, you may unconsciously reject change, your fear of the unknown so buried within that you simply aren't aware of it.

This dynamic of simultaneously wanting and rejecting something is not new. It's part of your conditioning to sabotage yourself with this dualistic approach. What's different now is that your conditioning has become such a big handicap that you are unable to successfully navigate these rocky times. This means that you have unneeded stresses, delays, and missed opportunities.

Why This Dilemma Matters More Now

You were handicapped in earlier times, too, but your dilemma is more problematical now - it simply matters more as you strive for balance and seek to express your soul's purpose. Deep within you, there's likely a feeling of increased urgency now, in part because you have more awareness of being stuck. In fact, a trapped feeling on some days could be so overwhelming that you feel frozen to act on what you know.

The planetary cycles of these times accentuate the pace of revolutionary shifting - for the world and for you personally. Unfinished business not yet looked at will be coming into view. Unworkable ways of being and outmoded systems will continually come up for review. The unfinished and the unworkable will not disappear until addressed.

You know this is happening and you understand that you are alive now to help facilitate the changes. You cannot forget what you know. Your dilemma is your conditioned resistance to change and your impatience with yourself as you make your own needed changes.

Over the next several weeks, you will benefit from putting extra energy into staying centered and nonreactive. You will want to take a closer look at how you live your life. This includes an honest assessment of the health of your key relationships. Since planetary cycles will catalyze unaddressed issues, a proactive approach will help you to smooth the ride."   forts.

by Selacia

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