onsdag 16. oktober 2013

You Are The Strongest of the Strong ~ Yeshua via Fran Zepeda

"Hello my dearest ones, my beautiful friends. I come before you today with so much love in my heart for you and so much hope in my heart for you, and I see so much promise in you. You are the elite of the stars – starlight, every one of you. Your mission continues and it proceeds in ever-illuminated glory.

You may be experiencing a lull right now in what you deem as your purpose, in what you deem as your mission, in what you deem as your path. But do not forget dear ones, that you are ever-solid in your endeavors, and are ever-solid in your missions.

As you envelop and enfold the energies coming to you, you may feel a difference in your perspectives, in the feel of your bodies. You may not be able to equate it to anything that you are familiar with. Now is the time to just go with it. For in the ever-winding road you are traveling, it is sure to come out into a beautiful meadow of your destination, so to speak, complete with fragrant flowers and lushness.

Just because you cannot quantify your new feelings and experiences based on past measures and markers, it doesn’t mean you are not going full-speed-ahead into what you have always seen as your destination, into full embodiment of your divinity, into full completion of your mission.

And it is not easy right now dear ones, for as we have warned you, or as we have prepared you - would be a better way of putting it - many things do seem to you to be in chaos and unexplainable premise. But as you trust your inner guidance, you are leading yourselves out of the fog and into blue skies of clarity, replete with new shining bodies of crystalline nature and complete with new wiring that will enable you to proceed into a new scenario of abundance and love-filled experiences.

My love for you has never waned, and I never leave your sides. Yes, you make this journey alone, but you always have help propping you up with celestial purity and hope as you let it in and let it become your guiding star.

Take a few moments now to assess how your body feels. Assess how your life feels. Does it not feel new and filled with promise of a new adventure? Move aside the dross of ill-gotten gains and seemingly misspent loyalties. Were not these experiences for the sake of your learning and your growth? Are you ready to leave them there and march on, holding on only to the gift of the lesson?"  forts.

 Ascension Earth

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