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“Love Isn’t Something You Can Understand” Grandmothers October Message: - Posted on 8 October, 2013

“We are going to talk to you now about love,” the Grandmothers said, peering at me over the tops of their noses. I’d been day dreaming before they appeared, wondering if they had a message for me and no sooner did I have that thought, than there they were. “Love,” they said, bringing my attention back to them, “is something you have little understanding of. You speak the word many times a day (i.e. ‘I love french fries’, ‘there’s no love lost between them’, ‘Love your outfit!’). In fact,” they said, “you say it so often and throw it into so many contexts that the word has become almost meaningless. You sing about it, pine for it, wonder about it, worry that you don’t have it, and all the while you don’t really understand it. Most of you never will,” they said, shrugging matter-of-factly, “and that’s not important. What is important, they said, “is that you live it.

“When it comes right down to it,” they said, “love isn’t something youcan understand. Nor is it something to strive for, worry about, regret, or fear. Love is,” they said, spreading their hands wide in emphasis. “It’s the force that holds your planet in its orbit and the only thing that will truly give you pleasure. You don’t have to understand it and it’s a good thing you don’t because rare is the person who does. We repeat,” they said, “love is. And you will move into love each time you decide to open to it. That’s all there is to it,” the Grandmothers said. “When you open to love without the need to understand it you automatically invite love in.

“It’s the ego that demands to understand love, the ego that questions, tries to codify, and explain. ‘Should I love that one?’ it asks. ‘Are they worthy? Am I worthy?” The Grandmothers laughed and said, “Love never asks anything like that. It never asks why. Nor does it hold back. Love simply gives itself,” they said, “and gives itself at every opportunity.” Taking my hand, they said, “We assure you that if you want to be happy, you must follow love’s lead. Let go of your judgments, hesitancy, and fears. You need to make the decision to love and then plunge into it,” they said. “Love no matter what, love everyone, everywhere, and at all times. What does judging others do for you anyway?” they asked, puzzled expressions on their faces.

“Love your own dear self,” they said and wrapped their arms around me. “Have compassion for the innocent one you are and have that same compassion for your fellow wanderers on earth. “No one has to‘deserve’ to be loved,” they shook their heads. “If that were so, not one would pass the ‘qualification’ test for love. We tell you that you deserve to love and be loved simply because you are who you are. That’s enough.

“Because you are who you are, we love you,” they said. “So start to relate to yourself in this same way. Let go of all the harsh judgments you’ve held about yourself and do the same for others. Who you are is worthy of love and is loved,” they said, “and your family, friends and” (and here they broke into giggles)“especially your so-called ‘enemies’ are worthy of this same love. So,” the Grandmothers smiled sweetly,“should you decide you want to be happy, simply make the decision to love. No matter what,” they added. “Life will then present you with an endless stream of opportunities. In fact,” they said, “you can be sure that at least one of these will appear to you today.”

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