mandag 14. oktober 2013

Chapter Nineteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

"It is an exciting time, is it not?  All of you who are reading this as it is published in October, 2013 are waiting for the global revaluation of currencies which will provide a leveling effect on the world economy and will lift those countries that have been considered "third world" nations out of their second-class status.  Many are not aware of the changes happening behind the scenes. 

It seems as if the planet goes on, limping along, suffering at the hands of the rich and powerful overlords who have enslaved so many, instigate devastating wars and reap the benefits in increasing wealth and power.  This is only the most superficial view - the one you will see on the media.  The reporting is sensationalized, carefully culled to uncover the most fear-inducing representations of events. Fear-mongering is a favorite sport on this planet; it feeds the adrenaline junkies, as they have been called, and fills the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies, the entertainment industry, and the gun manufacturers.

I have stated that I am here to teach a message of Love, Compassion, Truthfulness and Light.  These are the opposite of fear.  When you fill your consciousness, your body and mind with Love and Light, there is no room for the lower vibratoinal feelings of anxiety, depression and despair.  They cannot exist in the same Universe, and you, Dear Ones, are a universe.  Each of you contains the stardust and rainbows, sunshine and heartbeat of your Creator, just as I do.  We are created to be expansive, generous and kind. 

Think of a baby's reaction to laughter.  The baby will begin to laugh, wiggle, shriek with pleasure, responding with their whole body to the shared joy.  Children are not the only ones who are capable of great sharing and great joy.  We each have a funny bone; we each rise in our vibration as the laughter rises within us.  It is indeed "good medicine," as the Native Americans used to say. 

Every child, in every culture on the planet, is capable of good and wonderful things. Each one of you began with hope and in faith.  No lifetime is wasted; no soul is without value.  Your birthright is to grow in wisdom and spiritual power with each experience, and to rise at the end of each lifetime to return to Creator to be welcomed home with Love and Compassion, regardless of the accomplishments or crimes, successes or so-called failures."     forts.

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